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The drama of the migrants, insoluble problem... math

Editor Nathan has published in a textbook to a math problem, taking the example of migrants. What has not failed to make controversy this weekend on the social networks.

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The drama of the migrants, insoluble problem... math
It is, in a sense, a calculation of most cynical. "Of migrants fleeing war to reach an island in Mediterranean ", one can read in statement of this exercise of math identified in a manual for Nathan, and that, since Friday, 15 September, focus of controversy on social networks. "The first week, it gets 100. Then each week, number of new entrants increases by 10 %. By how much is multiplied an amount when it increases to 10 % ? "is it asked students – of terminales L and ES – by designers of title controversial.

Has right to exercise on page 34 of this new school book published in 2017, picture of a inflatable boat on which to pile up men, women and children. It was followed by five or issues, all in same vein, concluding with an invitation to " infer total number of migrants who have arrived in this island at end of 8 weeks. Rounding to unit ".

" How publishing house was she able to let this go ? "

Throughout weekend, Facebook – where exercise was first disclosed – and Twitter have echoed comments outraged. The blunder is become viral. "We would have been able to count wild geese or dolphins. On account of human beings, " responded professor. The indignation has spread to blow of questions retweetées : "How publishing house was she able to let this go ? ". "Tell #EditionsNathan tomorrow calculations is cost of se invaders of migrants ! ??!", "If this is true, it is a scandal" , have persiflé good number of internet users, for whom use of drama of migrants for mamatics seemed too serious to be entirely plausible.

The auntication official has come from editor who, by way of a press release, Friday, in evening, recognized error. "We understand that choice of this me was able to offend," he wrote. We apologize for inconvenience and we are committed to change me of year at our upcoming publications ". But what is approach, Nathan's first choice for a year – rar unhappy – self-justification :

" existing programs to encourage cross-disciplinarity, and openness to or issues, he argued in a first release. They invite us to translate a concrete situation with help of an arithmetico-geometric sequences. This is what we wanted to apply in this exercise by taking a sample of a population that is steadily increasing in link with a current topic. "

Not enough to reassure debate on Twitter, where interdisciplinarity in field of education, associated with educational reforms promoted by left, nourished by exchanges, often lively. "It is necessary to question relationship between school publications and ethics, reacted in ranks of union Sgen-CFDT, Saturday. "That we should be asking ourselves on committees of readings on school textbooks ", was gliding-it is also on side of SE-UNSA.

This Sunday, editor has done his mea-culpa, and apologized to not only educational community but also to associations of migrant assistance, including CIMADE, which has alerted. Nathan took decision to stop immediately marketing of book is criminalized, and of replace free of charge book by its corrected version.


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