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The Franco in Barcelona, version ' thriller '

' The Day of Tomorrow ', new series of Movistar on the novel by Ignacio Martínez de rammer.

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The Franco in Barcelona, version ' thriller '

The cries of up Spain! and Long live Franco! In midst of a parade of blue shirts carrying preconstitutional flag — that of eaglet — and Phalanx banner in heart of Barcelona were answered with some angry "Fachas" by people who witnessed unusual ride. "Hush, it's a movie," was clarifying answer. The story is real and happened last Wednesday in filming of series Tomorrow, directed by Mariano Barroso for Movistar , based on novel by writer Ignacio Martínez de rammer. A portrait of Catalan capital from mid-Sixties to 1974, scrambled times in which lived hardness of last years of Francoism with a growing political movement in underground.

Times of a dark upper police headquarters and more scary Social political brigade in hands of Commissioner Creix. and times, in short, of a society that was prepared for a profound change with men and women who aspired to more and believed to have future in ir hands. Martínez de Pison's novel braids The story through story that makes a dozen characters on protagonist, Justo Gil, which embodies an emigrant from Zaragoza who arrives in Barcelona in mid-sixties. With his hands in his pockets, without a hard and eager to eat world.

The adaptation for television series Narrows down characters in book. Oriol Pla is actor who gives life to just in series: "He is a man of many faces. It is selfish, dark, proud, but also generous, vital, "he explained in filming. Pla, Gaudí prize as a secondary actor in Incerta Glòria, embodies a man who becomes entangled in messes that envelop him like a snowball and ends up being confident of police. The series recreates black episodes of time: "The police persecution of communist cells, infiltrations of confidantes, how groups of far right were formed from police itself," Barroso shelled, which was documented in depth before facing script Jointly with Alejandro Hernández. The previous immersion included interviews with right-wing characters and police inspectors who met some of those episodes such as repression of Caputxinada — a clandestine meeting of anti-Franco Democratic student Union He made a convent of that order in March 1966 in Barcelona — which was answered with a strong protest of street demonstrations.

Premiere in July

Tomorrow — which had or names in pools, such as confidant — will be issued in July in six chapters of 50 minutes. "Against what you might think, Julio is high-consumption television, so we decided to schedule tomorrow for that month," said Domingo Corral, director of contents of Movistar . The platform chains in coming months premiere of series as Look what you have done, Felix or kill far. And with firm intention to continue with pace of production that has been marked, regardless of what might happen with a hypotical agreement with Netflix: "Whatever happens, our goal is to generate proprietary content," said Corral.

"One of chapters is focused on se facts, and we planned to shoot a demonstration in front of police headquarters," he added. These scenes were shot in or streets of historical center of city and in study, by inability to do so in Vía Laietana, policed by demonstrations of first week of October in Barcelona, in full effervescence after 1-O.

The actress Aura Garrido embodies Carme Román, who lives a contradictory sentimental relationship with just and struggles to emancipate from family destinations. Karra Elejalde is Commissioner Hermenegildo Landa, inspired by dreaded Commissioner Creix of sixties. "It's rancid and very facha. It does not tolerate incipient openness and promotes an action command of Ultraright ", concretizing a Elejalde perfectly characterized. Jesús Chariot is police inspector Mateo Moreno, who captures just as confidant and with whom he ends up having a peculiar friendship. The series has a wide range of renowned actors and actresses, including Nora Navas and Pere Ponce, among ors.

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