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The Galician plot of the Ice Age is saved from the auction

Hacienda yields to the town hall of Vilalba (Lugo) a land with Palaeolithic site abandoned by the Xunta

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The Galician plot of the Ice Age is saved from the auction
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Hacienda did not already know how to dispose of about 35,000 square meters of land located in municipality of Vilalba (Lugo). They were endorsed in 2012, with Palaeolithic site included, ir former owner, Galician government, who did not know what to do with m. In total, some thirty farms grouped by concentration of land in plain of Terra Chá, largest region of Galicia; A paradise of lagoons and pastures that attracted people from origin of Times and has left a legacy of Castros, megalithic sepulchres and deposits. Among m, de Pena Grande — Reference of upper Palaeolithic of Galicia —, of which Museum of prehistory and Archaeology of Vilalba (MUPAV) guarded more than a thousand pieces, a land that was to be auctioned next week. But, after pressures of political and social groups, Minister of Finance, Cristóbal Montoro, committed last Thursday with deputy of at Marea Miguel Anxo Fernán Vello to cede parcel to town hall of Vilalba.

The General Directorate of Patrimony of state stated in 2016 that land that houses Palaeolithic complex of Pena Grande, a refuge of hunters in ice Age, around year 14000 before Christ, "is not necessary for General use or for public service" , as well as "for its exploitation", with what state brought it to auction up to three times; The last one was to be next November 15th, at a price of departure of 7,785 euros, about 3,000 less than in first bid.

The farm came to rebound Hacienda. The regional Ministry of Rural areas of Xunta encountered land when, after carrying out parcel concentration in region, in Nineties, no owner appeared. The autonomic cabinet kept plot cornered between 2007 and 2012, when it automatically passed to state. The ministry "acts as a mere instrument from moment Xunta renounced public ownership," says Eduardo Ramil, director of Mupav, who cannot understand "why Galician government has not stayed with plot". In his view, lack of interest shows a problem of landscape delimitation, "not knowing what model of country we want."

Ramil believes that everything that has happened with this terrain has been "a cluster of nonsense", because, he says, "before privatizing it by auction should have been made available to city Council for free", as has finally happened in extremis after Stir of last days and register of parliamentary initiatives by in tide and BNG.

"In Europe, public institutions buy even Gorse mountains if re is a mere sign of heritage, and here, not knowing what to do with important historical legacies, are privatized, and not even to obtain an economic benefit, because in this case auction was A gift, "protests director of Mupav.

The Department of Rural Environment is not alluded to. It justifies its disinterest in this piece of heritage by pointing out that "it is not declared well of Cultural interest (BIC)" and that from General Directorate of Patrimony of Galician government did not alert m of its value, beyond that to point out that it is "catalogued in Norms" Subsidiaries that protect it from possible performances "in a perimeter of about 200 square meters.

For its part, Conselleria of culture, which depends on heritage, explains that it has not given BIC declaration because "despite its undeniable value, it does not reach status of singular." Galicia's abundant wealth of heritage plays against it. "There are 19,000 deposits, majority in private plots, and if pass to be public, we would not have economic capacity to manage m", it justifies culture its apathy with respect to se legacies.

He was not very concerned about privatization of deposit to mayor of Vilalba, Agustín Baamonde. "Although it is not classified as BIC, has protected perimeter and rest is all rock, with what little can make re a particular;" "That no one wants it," says alderman. In any case, it recognizes that it is "unreasonable" to be put on sale through a public administration "that would be obliged to defend it", and expresses its satisfaction that it has recovered city council.

The Xunta also congratulates itself now. And it is pointed out: "We had already decided to ask Hacienda to paralyze auction and Cediese farm to city hall," he said a decade after having owned and let her escape.


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