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The goal of electronic poison is the young

Yesilay General manager Yilmaz, electronic cigarettes, nicotine, as well as chemical substances and harmful particles, stating that the main target group of the tobacco industry that marketed the product, said that young people.

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The goal of electronic poison is the young

Yesilay General manager, war Yilmaz, said that electronic cigarettes are very easy to supply from Internet and work places, he noted.

Emphasizing that electronic cigarettes are a device that mimics cigarettes and enables user to attract nicotine, Yilmaz, "Electronic cigarettes, nicotine, as well as chemical substances and harmful particles are found. The person who uses it is among unknown in long-term health risks of electronic cigarettes, which cause deterioration in function of addiction and respiratory system, "he said.

Yilmaz, electronic cigarette, liquid nicotine by heating battery by evaporation of batteries, users of end of device to brea vapour is remembered.

In steam, water, nicotine, propylene glycol, glycerol, sweeteners and aromas expressed in presence of Yilmaz, said that y are causing lung damage in users.


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It's tempting with fruit and odor

War Yilmaz, adding fruit and dessert additives to electronic cigarette is trying to make it attractive for young people, but this situation has caused users to deteriorate in function of respiratory system, he said.

The use of electronic cigarettes in Turkey as well as in whole world, expressed significantly increased Yilmaz, following reviews:

  • "Electronic cigarettes are a product of tobacco industry. The increase in use of electronic cigarettes in young people forming main target audience of tobacco industry, which markets product, is significantly. Teenagers who spend most of ir time at computer are easily able to access electronic cigarettes that are widely available on Internet. Electronic cigarettes are very common among young people. "

The experiment, which shook social media with play 01:48 cigarette experiment, has been sharing hundreds of thousands of times by reaching number of more than 30 million views on social media. Comment

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