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The good things of ' rush hour '

Enough to criticize the program of Javier Cardenas, think about everything positive that brings from the public network

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The good things of ' rush hour '

The Board of Directors of TVE approved a few days ago renovation of Operation Triumph (logical and expected), that of MasterChef in all its formats (even more logical; it is program that has revived chain in prime time in last five years) and hiring of medium CE Ntenar of programs more of Hora Punta, of Javier Cárdenas (two million euros cost). We regret to inform reader of latter, but that has happened.

Anyone who has connected with 1 in last few months willing to see tell me, masters of seam, I'm alive, MasterChef or operation Triumph, sure you have swallowed a while of this program nonsense. But already from media and spectators we have criticized it too much (and deserved) times and, seen extension of confidence in format and presenter on part of TVE ( Council also approved a second season of pure Magic, produced by Cárdenas) , and that since program have become convinced that y are a success (sucking audience of programs that come after and forecast of time that is emitted just before) and that re is a campaign interested against him (in short...), today we want to put positive , stand, think and take out six reasons why rush hour is good.

1. The program is a constant reminder that prime time in Spain is late, so it helps in fight for a better TV and more in line with ir schedules

2. Stresses that education and science are too important, especially in a public television, to Ningunearla continuously with information such as latest hurricanes that ravaged South America had been created by man with techniques of Geoengineering or relating vaccines with autism.

3. Three women in Bodi while four men looked at m and interacted with each or during a magic trick, y reminded spectator of long path left to end machismo.

4. Recover Luis del Olmo, who likes to see him reciting poetry, of course.

5. It's good because bad programs extol rest.

6. Remember every day that public television is paramount and cannot be left in hands of anyone.


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