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The Government orders the return of 44 works from Sijena to Aragon

The Minister of Culture assumes the powers of the Catalan government in application of article 155 and responds to the judge

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The Government orders the return of 44 works from Sijena to Aragon

The Minister of Education, Culture and Sport Íñigo Méndez de Vigo under implementation of article 155 of Constitution is also responsible for Ministry of Culture of Generalitat of Catalonia since end of October. For this reason, judge instructor requested on November 15 to speak at request for delivery of 44 works that Museum of Lleida preserves monastery of Sijena and that councillors Santi Vila and Lluís Puig had already been claimed. And it has done this Tuesday after receiving judicial requirement: Minister will proceed immediately to give instructions to competent bodies of Department of Culture of Generalitat to proceed with fulfillment of sentence of 2015 in Sense that pieces are delivered.

To proceed with delivery, Ministry will request information from Generalitat to know exact location of each and every one of works, as well as date on which goods will be delivered. At time of all that information will proceed to move it to court of First Instance and instruction number 1 of Huesca that takes case to execute transfer of pieces.

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In Providence dictated by court in middle of month in which minister was required to order immediate delivery of 44 works, Judge Antonio Martín González, who replaced Carmen Aznar until his successor was appointed, reminded Minister that he could finish As two Catalan counselors, prosecuted for disobedience, for failing to execute sentences. Also, that if desoía his request he would send to public force for goods of Sijena.

From Brussels, Minister of Culture Lluís Puig has lamented in a tweet decision of ministry: "A broken bridge." Is that how you want to restore dialogue? and has reproached mayor of Lleida, socialist Àngel Ros, support of his party to implementation of 155 and has accused him of disobeying Catalan legislation. For its part, Jusèp Boya, director general of Patrimony of Generalitat, after knowing decision taken by Minister through this newspaper has assured that re is no legal way to do anything about that decision. "Beyond resource that was presented last week by Lleida Museum Consortium, re is nothing more we can do." "The minister is one who, in an improper manner, is one who has signature." For buoy "It is more than debatable if minister can go against a resolution signed by a former counselor, but we are within field of excesses of 155 and re is free bar." For politician re is only " civil resistance" because "legally re is nothing to be done." A letter was sent, not a resource, because we were forbidden to do it, minister and judge, but as long as this current situation continues, nothing more can be done. "It's like a perfect storm." In any case it tops: I expected it, because I knew movements that had been made from Aragon, at a time when it weighs more political than cultural. They are opening a Pandora's box mselves, but in end conclusion is not that problem is patrimony but that patrimony is in Catalonia "and concludes: minister himself has been victim of this game".

The 44 pieces that minister has ordered to be delivered in fulfillment of judgement of 2015 are pieces that remain in museum of Lleida that were not delivered in July 2016 when if y did 53 (51 because two are missing) that were deposited and n National Museum of Art of Catalonia. The sentence of 2015 was appealed by Generalitat to Provincial audience of Huesca and is awaiting, for two years, to be pronounced. In fact Lleida Museum asked last week that audience issue ir sentence. From Lleida museum it was assured that if provisional execution was carried out and n resolved in favour of Catalonia " damage could be irreversible and social tension unnecessary".


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