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The Iberian Legacy premieres museum in Jaén

The old prison gives way to the largest collection of this culture 3,500 pieces unpublished in 40% the King inaugurates this Monday a project that has cost 27 million euros

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The Iberian Legacy premieres museum in Jaén
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The old prison of Jaén, where some of most tragic episodes of Francoist repression were recorded, rises transformed into a contemporary architecture building after 19 years of project and an investment of 27 million euros contributed by Junta de Andalucía and EU. It will house 3,500 pieces collected in this community, where is main site of Spain of this culture, which God woman and sanctified man. That legacy will turn Jaén museum into world's largest reference to this ancient town.

On Monday, King inaugurates a first sample of almost 500 square meters with some 300 pieces grouped in an archaeological account called Lady, Prince, hero and goddess. We iberians not only owe m name of peninsula. Agricultural tools that are still used, techniques of pottery, cultivation of vine, olive tree or almond trees as well as houses with patio have ir roots in this culture that inhabited from Guadalquivir to France from 4th century BC until domination Roman.

Arturo Ruiz, curator of exhibition, ' The Lady, Prince, hero and Goddess '. PACO PUENTES country

This exhibition, made up of pieces of which 40% has never been exhibited and are fruit, most of research and excavations of recent years, part of a Greek vessel found in tomb of an aristocrat Iberian in Necropolis of Piquía (Arjona-Jaén). According to Antonio Ruiz, curator of exhibition, crater shows a hero ( Prince), who identifies with Heracles, and a lady, Helena, in bathroom prior to her wedding ("Her bachelorette party", jokes) as well as subsequent episodes. It is an introduction to an itinerary that reviews culture of this town.

The hero is depicted with two of main figures found in Little Bird (Huelma, Jaén): A menacing wolf who was going to devour a young man and a sculpture of a guy who hides a falcata (sword) between his clos, with which he killed animal. This narrative illustrates transition from force to strategy, journey of Iberian culture to become a people with economic, territorial and social power in peninsula.

The exhibition also vindicates crucial role played by women in this culture, which assumed feminine character of deity. "The woman was not subjected to genealogical line of man but was fundamental in system Cognaticio [kinship] to give coherence and security to lineage and to richness," explains Ruiz. The Commissioner emphasizes how women were key in political, social, economic and religious structure of those ancestors. "Women have been hidden in museums," adds Concha Choclán, director of this museum in Jaén and excited about gender vision of Iberian culture that will focus 11,152 exhibition square meters, of which permanent collection will occupy 2,500. The rest is destined to administrative areas, research, workshops, classrooms, auditorium, restaurant, shop and everything necessary so that, as expected by director, citizens "ownership building".

Choclán already has in mind two temporary exhibitions for 2018 and three Congresses. With a team of five technicians and so many room attendants, it has shaped educational itineraries that from this Monday will travel hundreds of students. There has been no target of visits and has focused more on giving back to citizenry effort to realize this complex, driven by cultural associations, University of Jaén and institutions. He is proud that majority demand of neighbors to give use to this space, in heart of city, is cultural.

From Monday, those interested at that time will enjoy oldest mesh dimension found in Spain, millenary seeds, sculptural group of Cerrillo Blanco, Porcuna (Jaén), bust of Baza (Granada), even with traces of polychromy, a box of Dowry engraved with golden edges, trousseau of Stone Fountain (Málaga), warrior of double armour or figures called Offerer with Cápridos, ancestor with creature, Grifomaquia, ancestor with Maniple and Lady of Towers.

A place for memory Concha Choclán, director of new Iberian Museum in Jáen. PACO PUENTES country

The grounds of Iberian Museum were acquired in 1927 by Diputación de Jaén for government to build a prison. The Francoist repression led to limit this enclosure, where 4,000 inmates crowded cells, initially planned for a hundred prisoners. A new penitentiary center built in 1991 left unused this building and in 1998 was born idea of museum that ends now, after two decades that have included litigation and Disencounters finally saved.

Concha Choclán, as director of center that today occupies space, has fought for stage of Francoist repression, as well as passage of main ETA terrorists, not to be lost in memory with new project, which began Rafael Moneo, Luis entwine May, Álvaro Soto and Javier Maroto, but that have culminated half a dozen more architects.

The attempt to preserve part of property of old prison was impossible because of instability of structures. But Choclán believes that, even so, new museum must preserve some of prison's history. In future, one of rooms will be dedicated to memory.


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