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The judge imposes a bond of 63 million to Teddy Bautista and eight other defendants of the SGAE case

De la Mata opens the oral trial against the former President of the entity, for whom the prosecutor asks for seven years in prison, and 10 other people

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The judge imposes a bond of 63 million to Teddy Bautista and eight other defendants of the SGAE case
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The judge of national audience José de la Mata has imposed a joint and solidarity bond of 63.4 million euros in concept of civil liability for Eduardo Teddy Bautista and eight of defendants for SGAE case. The magistrate has opened an oral trial against former President of Board of Directors of General Society of Authors and Publishers (SGAE) and ten or persons for alleged diversion of funds in Society of Authors.

In a car dated 27 October 2017, head of Central Court of education number 5 has decreed opening of oral trial against eleven people, including Bautista and exdirector of officer ─ Digital subsidiary of SGAE ─ José Luis Rodríguez Neri , for Crimes of Illicit association or criminal organization, documentary falsehood and unfair administration and/or misappropriation for allegedly launching a "sophisticated ploy to derive massive funds" from Society of Authors.

For its part, anti-corruption office has requested in indictment twelve and a half years of prison ( highest requested) for Rodríguez Neri and seven years in prison for former President of Society of Authors. According to Public Prosecutor's Office, of 63.4 million euros of bail imposed by De la Mata, 47.6 million correspond to total of damage caused to SGAE, plus third stipulated in law, 15.8 million.

The car points to eleven merchants, among m MicroGenesis SA, MicroGenesis Productions SL, MicroGenesis Media sl, commune TV or hypothalamus SL, as responsible civil subsidiaries. On or hand, De la Mata has also fixed bonds that defendants must enter into fines.

In case of Teddy Bautista, fine amounts to 180,000 euros; 360,000 for Rodríguez Neri and Rafael Ramos Díaz; 100,000 for Enrique Loras García, Ricardo Azcoaga and Leticia Rodríguez; 344,000 for Eva García Pombo, María Antonia García Pombo, Elena Vázquez Rodríguez and Celedonio Martín; And 240,000 for Juana Rodriguez Neri.

De la Mata completed instruction at beginning of last September and proposed to judge eleven people. He considers that Commissioners launched "a sophisticated ploy to massively derive funds from SGAE" to organization led by José Luis Rodríguez Neri through arbitrary allocation to microgenesis of tens of millions of euros, Supposedly for development of technological solutions, causing "constant prejudices and losses" for Society of Authors.

The room stated that De la Mata's car confirms evidence to judge defendants and that it "contains a detailed and thorough account of facts that, in opinion of instructor and appreciating what acted, which is remembered are not evidence, but diligences through which you see Rifican evidence of criminality, imputes to persons who understand responsible, penal and civil, making a provisional qualification to single effects of determination of procedure.


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