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The last lesson of Fernando Devater

The Spanish writer and philosopher receives a tribute in which he plans to be his last visit to the International Book Fair (FIL).

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The last lesson of Fernando Devater

It was a homage to a teacher. Also gratitude to a guide and surrender of a crowded auditorium before a best-selling. All in same afternoon and everything for Fernando, philosopher and writer from Donostia, who has formed several generations in reading and thinking on both sides of Atlantic. His readers in Guadalajara crowded Juan Rulfo room to applaud author of ethics for Amador, who said that this could be his last visit to International Book Fair (FIL).

He has been in June for 70 years, since March 2015, bearing emptiness that left him death of Sara Torres, his wife, for a brain tumor. This afternoon in Guadalajara no one of those who accompanied philosopher at table mentioned it. It wasn't necessary. Everyone in room understood reason for ir hurtful words. "The real monsters come for one's life." I no longer feel strong enough to do things I did with joy without joy, "he said."

Recalled one of his first trips to Guadalajara Fair in 1990. He was not invited by organization but by poet Octavio Paz, who called him on phone to ask him for a favor. "I was year y gave him Nobel and called me to replace him." Well, not to replace him, but to occupy space of time he was going to occupy him, "he said humorously." "We were very little and n we were going to have dinner toger," recalled writer with a smile. Seconds later, he surrounded himself again with shadows: "My friend Luz del Amo has also recently died ... in short."

He tried to distance himself from philosopher's etiquette. Minutes earlier, Mexicans Juan Villoro and Jorge Volpi had praised ir gift to convey abstract thoughts. "Not all philosophers have courtesy to be profound and yet clear ..." said Villoro, who is son of Luis Villoro, a reputed but "highly abstract" philosopher. He is a mediator between most complex ideas and people's lives, he added.

To be a good teacher it is necessary to be ignorant

Fernando Devater

"It changed our lives," said Volpi who thanked him for having translated him into works pamphlet against whole and nihilism and action to great names of philosophy when he was a student of a Marist high school. "I know I'm not same since I read Nietzsche." I also know that I did not understand anything about Nietzsche until I read it in Fernando Vatere, said author in search of Klingsor. "I didn't just have PREPA teachers." "There was anor master on or side of ocean."

"To be a good teacher it is necessary to be ignorant," revealed who was a professor of ethics at Universidad Complutense and in Basque Country and who was sent to prison for his repeated criticism of Franco regime. "The sages are bad teachers because y don't understand ignorance of ors." I understand very well what ors do not understand. "When I explain something I understand what resists or because I have a hard time understanding it too."

The homage also came Carlos setback, from Planeta, and Ricardo Cayuela, from Penguin Random House. The evening had a curious apolitical tone, despite fact that it never away controversy and that this Sunday will sign Mexican readers at 7 pm ir recent pamphlet against Separatism, published by Ariel. Instead of talking about Catalan crisis, panelists spoke of various topics. Among m foray into fiction — garden of doubts, finalist of Planeta Prize in 1993 and Brorhood of Good Luck, Planeta prize 2008 —. Also of traces that have left classics of Verne, Conrad and Salgari in his work essays. And even his fondness for horses and cinema.

"Sometimes his ideas have baffled us," Villoro said about blisters that cause some of controversies. "As peace, he has had audacity to be right too soon, when that reason is not yet popular." "It is common sense of future written from present."

The audience of Juan Rulfo heard standing in hallways what thinker had to say on a night that celebrated freedom. "A free person never wonders what we always hear what's going to happen?" Free people have to ask mselves, what are we going to do? Because it'll happen what we'll let it happen. "No one will come to save us from anywhere." Then he returned to pessimism that has recently marked it. "We are all born surrounded by evils and we are going to die surrounded by evils." We can aspire that evils of end are not equal to evils of beginning. "It's only thing that can be expected." That was last lesson of Fernando Vatera in Guadalajara.


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