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The letters and the canvases that tell the rise of Goya

The first exhibition of the artist in Bilbao brings together in the Museum of Fine Arts A hundred pieces that portray the atmosphere of Madrid to which the Aragonese came to be a painter of the king

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The letters and the canvases that tell the rise of Goya

Goya had an outstanding affair with Bilbao, or maybe it was Bilbao that had it with Goya. As it were, debt is settled from this Wednesday: At last painter arrives to this city in which he had not been and does it in form of exhibition: Goya and Illustrated Court, a tour in parallel by two sides of painter : The human and genius of painting, far superior to rest of his contemporaries who also exhibited works in exhibition.

The human part is in charge of 13 letters of Goya (Fuendetodos, Zaragoza, 1746 – Bordeaux, 1828) to Martín Zapater, his childhood friend, who are exhibited in exhibition of Museum of Fine Arts of Bilbao and that function as a backbone of this. In painter's handwriting you can read his thoughts, interests, achievements and news that he gives to partner that he left in Zaragoza and that unites him with his roots, his circles of friends and family. "Tell me if Manuel's girl remembers me," writes artist on June 27, 1781, and signs: "Tu Paco Goya." In anor of July 7, 1786 says: "My Martin, I am a painter of king." These missives are part of 147 that belong to Prado museum (provider of 72, of 96 pieces of sample): The correspondence of Aragonese artist to Zapater, this one to Goya is not preserved. The reading of letters of ink of this "genius" of history of art-term used by curator of exhibition Manuela B. Mena, head of conservation of eighteenth century painting and Goya del Prado. She knows that it is a cliché but explains that Goya truly deserves it along with few more: "Raphael, Michelangelo, Tiziano, Rubens, Rembrandt, Velázquez..."-Make visitor a voyeur that spies Goya's life in court.

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of what Madrid was like and atmosphere that was found in Aragonese city when it arrived in 1775, y speak both ir works and those of ir contemporaries. Of works that are exposed, one third are Goya's, rest of contemporary artists such as Mariano Salvador Maella, Francisco Bayeu, Luis Paret, Giandomenico Tiepolo... even a woman, something unusual at end of XVIII century: Francisca Ifiginea Meléndez, a miniaturist, chamber painter-" same category as Goya and with same salary as him: 50,000 real," says Commissioner. The exhibition, which until January 21 was enjoyed at CaixaForum in Zaragoza, has an appendix as a celebration that finally a monograph of Goya Pisa Bilbao: 11 portraits of painter of Fuendetodos to personalities of Basque origin or Navarro such as Francisco de Cabarrus, conde de Cabarrus or Juana Galarza de Goicoechea and Martín Miguel de Goicoechea...

Enlarge photo ' portrait of Martín Zapater ' (1797), by Francisco de Goya. BILBAO Museum of Fine Arts

Between view of Fuenterrabía, or that of Bermeo, De Paret (this last one recently acquired), prairie of San Isidro, of Jose del Castillo, or Paseo of delights, of Bayeu, inevitably emphasize works of Goya like Blind Hen, Pelee (to feel spectator who A room of Bilbao Museum has been transformed into one of Prado) or portraits of Charles III, of Charles IV and his friend Martín Zapater (who toger with one of Moratín are only two works of Aragonese that guard fine arts of Bilbao). It is admirable its invoice, its economic technique, clean and accurate-you can follow path of a brushstroke with look. "With less gets more than ors," says Mena. The intent that gives to eyes of refined ladies when y look at Majos, or to harvest workers while ors enjoy grapes collected and way to portray Kings made after French Revolution are subtleties only worthy of Fuende All.


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