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The light of Madrid lights up Mexico

The mayor, Manuela Carmena and the director of El PAÍS, Antonio Caño, converse around the Spanish capital in the FIL

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The light of Madrid lights up Mexico

44 years ago, in Chapultepec Forest of Mexico City, n Distrito Federal or DF a seca, a statue was inaugurated to León Felipe, a Spanish poet who died in Mexican exile. An act that, in a way, has had its correspondence this Saturday in Guadalajara (Mexico), with homage that Madrid, invited City, has made poet in pavilion that presides Great Festival of book in Spanish with title of one of his works : You will gain light.

Not only has it been a light victory, some flashes that will be prolonged throughout week; Also, in a way, light of Madrid has been honored, which brings toger all those who arrive in Spanish capital, a host country like that Mexico of exile – and this, why not – in which " most important are its people", as Manuela Carmena recalls. A light which, according to mayor of this city, was regained by advent of democracy. "During dictatorship, for many Madrid was regime, that generated a very negative image, which changed with advent of a process that I still consider exceptional, as is transition," highlighted Carmena, who set first mayor of democracy, professor Enrique tender Galván, guide of this new lighthouse in Madrid, an example that she wanted to take over from city council. "Madrid gained personality with advent of democracy."

"The dictatorship cloudeded all over Spain, but Madrid was a hotbed of anti-fascist resistance." It has been, and still is, reflection of best version of country's history, "said Antonio Caño, director of El País, during meeting he held in La FIL with mayor. A conversation in which Caño remembered how in his time as a correspondent in Mexico, in 1980s, first time he left Spain, he was able to check close ties between two countries. "It was very easy to remain Madrid in Mexico."

This universality of Spanish capital, considered director of country, is a quality that must enhance city. "Madrid has a global dimension, which already exerts it, but it can go to more." Being global is to conceive our environment as part of this universality, "said Caño, who put example of diary itself to unite both places:" The city where country's most sold is Madrid, but where more readers have, through our digital edition, is in Mexico City ".

The mayor retook idea of light not only as a focus of city's. "There is also light in anor dimension, which illuminates all people who suffer, for example, unloved solitude." At City Hall we are committed to developing city of care, ' stressed Carmena, aware that light that is not so attractive "has to help know what happens."

During talk, moderated by journalist and writer Juan Cruz, re was also time to celebrate literature. "A city that reads is a city that is predisposed to appreciate what is ahead," highlighted mayor of Madrid, who has contributed to appointment with a wide catalogue of authors, publishers, musicians and exhibitions. "There is no better vehicle for knowledge than reading," noted Antonio Caño.


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