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The Lumières, the first artists of the cinema

A film of the director of the Festival of Cannes vindicates the creative talent of the brothers, beyond being also the inventors of the cinematographer

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The Lumières, the first artists of the cinema
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There is a clear agreement: Lumière brors invented cinema. They patented cinematograph on February 13, 1895, and, after several projections to friends and in scientific societies and universities, y made first commercial exhibition on December 28th of that year at Grand Café in Paris. That's all right. But in last decade work of brors Auguste and Louis has been reduced to that of inventors, ie, to that of two entrepreneurs who took best of preceding artifacts to create a device that was capable of filming and projecting. His artistic side has been disparaged in face of growing consideration of importance of George Méliès or Alice Guy Blaché, first director. And against this surge, in pursuit of claim of Lumière as cinematographic creators and not just technical, Thierry Frémaux, General delegate of Festival of Cannes, has composed film Lumière! The adventure begins, which is now released in Spain after its projections at festivals of Cannes and San Sebastián. Frémaux had direct access to material because in addition to leading most important film competition in world, he is director of Lumière Institute in Lyon, safeguarding legacy of brors, who made 1,422 short films of which 1,417 are retained.

Frémaux has chosen 108 films from production of Lumière (for technical reasons, lasted 50 seconds and had no cuts or assembly) to group m by me. With m he emphasizes artistic talent of brors, especially Louis, and operators who sent all over world to shoot material and to make projections that will increase ir business. "After seeing film, it is clear that y were first to create gags, to make remakes, to take care of compositions with lights and shadows ..." They knew very well what y were doing. In his works are first exhibition of abstract cinema or first sports images, because modern sport is born at same time as audiovisual, says Frémaux.

Race Against time

Cinema lives a race against time. Just in last two decades in which interest in first works has multiplied, by films Primitive, is when material in which images are captured, celluloid, is rotting as it is a perishable materail. "Silent cinema has disappeared by 80%." Sad. Anyway, I just hope that my film serves to make viewer Paledee his work, take time in his viewing, meditate and digest at a time, current, where we do not know where images come from. Nor who makes m. "Lumière has a conscience, which I miss in many current films."

Frémaux asserts that his passion for Lumière, which shows as a narrator of film, goes beyond his post in institute. "I love cinema, but as it also happens to Bertrand Tavernier, my cinematographic far, Martin Scorsese [who appears in film], Quentin Tarantino ..." I'm part of a tradition. I wanted to talk about films of Lumière with current words, to emphasize that ir films can be seen as a current work, present, and not as examples of film archaeology. The cinematographic act of brors is same as that of a 21st-century filmmaker, who answers three questions: What do I want to tell? How am I going to do it? And what is best position of camera? In addition, film fights against legends that surround m, as y did not believe in future of cinema. Yes, it looks nice in press articles, but it's a lie. To not believe in his apparatus, y made a lot of films, almost 1,500 ", ends between laughs Frémaux. "He was modest and his love for Méliès's work." To whom y always supported even Calificándole as creator of cinematographic spectacle. "

There is in Lumière! The adventure begins many surprises: most obvious is care of brors and ir operators for composition and narration. "Because Louis Lumière is first director of fiction, also worried about staging, despite anor legend that only branded as a documentary filmmaker." Irrigated irrigator is June 1895 ... Intractable. For me Louis is Rossellini, Renoir, Pialat or Kechiche, and Méliès, Fellini, Hollywood, Almodóvar, people who take world to reinvent it. Instead, Lumière takes world to show it as it is. It is not an opposition, but a complementarity, says filmmaker. "I like film to show innocence, generosity, way to see life of brors." "Louis is an artist, as you can see also in his photographs."

Frémaux thinks he could have made five or films same. "There is so much material ... but we have chosen those that will serve us to take spectator on a trip to world of brors." I'm going to do a second, although I still don't know what material to select. I know I learn from m every day. For that y were three times inventors of cinema: invented technique, invented art and invented its realization. Let's every time we enter a room, lights go out and projection begins.


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