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The Met refuses to remove a picture of Balthus in which appears a young girl in suggestive position

The petition had the support of 8,700 signatures until the museum has put Coto we believe in respect for creative expression

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The Met refuses to remove a picture of Balthus in which appears a young girl in suggestive position
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The Metropolitan Museum of New York (Met) is planted. His mission, he explains, is to collect, study, preserve and present works that connect people with creativity, knowledge and ideas. And with that argument emphatically rejects a request to remove a Balthus painting in which a girl appears in suggestive position. The visual arts, y insist, are a means for reflection.

The work of artist Francopolaco is titled Teresa Dreaming and Dates from 1938. The protagonist is seated in a chair, with a leg up and showing her underwear. It is a painting that radiates its own light and purity. To see it, you can feel placidity of young girl in dream. The work of Balthazar Klossowski (Paris, 1908-Rossinière, Switzerland, 2001) is known precisely for way in which he captures innocence of preteens.

The petition had support of 8,700 signatures at time Met went out to put him in reserve. Critics want to take advantage of controversy generated by wave of sexual harassment allegations against relevant personalities of culture to make ir voices heard. Mia Merrill, in a letter addressed to museum, qualifies as "disturbing" to display a painting that romantiza sexualization of children. "The Met is, perhaps without intention, supporting voyeurism and objectification of children," denounces author of petition. The museum's leaders respond that ir sample collects important works that represent all cultures and times. And he also understands that moments like one now living in United States offer opportunity to engage in a conversation.

The petition was launched last November 30 by this neighbor of new York and was aiming to collect 9,000 signatures. The Met not only refuses to withdraw it, but at moment does not consider changing description to make clarification that is requested. The very explanation that is made of work points out that protagonist, Teresa Blanchard, was 12 or 13 years old when painting was painted.

"Visual arts are one of most important means we have to reflect at same time on past and present, and we hope to motivate continuous evolution of current culture through an informed discussion and respect for creative expression" , notes note issued by museum. The painting has been exposed for years by Met in a sample about work of Blathus.

Then visitors were warned that some jobs could offend public. The author of petition clarifies that she does not ask her to destroy work. "I only ask you to be more aware in way you have to contextualize pieces," he explained in a commentary on social networks. "I will consider this request a success if y include a small message saying that picture can be offensive."

The painting belonged to private collection of Jacques and Natasha Gelman, who was donated to Met in 1998. The original work was acquired by Gelmans in 1979 at Pierre Matisse Gallery in New York. The painting has been exhibited by galleries and Museum of United States, Europe, Latin America and Asia. Art critics highlight mystical character of Balthus's work.


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