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' The Plague ': gold, dirt, color and crime in the 16th Sevilla

Movistar debuts tomorrow the historical ' thriller ' created by Alberto Rodríguez and Rafael Cobos

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' The Plague ': gold, dirt, color and crime in the 16th Sevilla

"By God, who is everywhere," begins toast that is heard in trailer of plague. Maybe God is everywhere, but in late 16th century Sevilla, which goes into series that Movistar premieres this Friday, seems to be more on side of powerful than vast majority of population , that which suffered plagues, among which slavery was habitual and that saw passing gold of America without even smelling it.

Director Alberto Rodríguez and screenwriter Rafael Cobos had set in that universe, and when proposal came Movistar to make a series, recovered that idea with which y had fantasized: travel in time to Sevilla of XVI. Through investigation of several murders, six chapters of this production (all available this Friday in Movistar ; 0 emits first two on same day at 22.00) go into streets, houses and palaces of city that was n capital Economy of Europe.

Rodríguez and Cobos, regular contributors in films like Group 7, minimal island or man of a thousand faces, do not imagine this story as a feature film. "We started from something very concrete, what is now in series as thriller, which although sewn and everything in end makes sense, you have to be patient and see six chapters. As we went into documentation we realized that we had a rich material and that that time and context were not counted at all. What remains is a fresco of what was life of 16th century Sevilla, "Rodriguez tells EL PAÍS about series starring Pablo Miller, Sergio Castellanos and Paco León. "Before re was a vassalage of city with thriller and n became opposite, thriller has served as a vehicle to talk about city," completes Rafael Cobos.

To narrate this story and recreate time, creators have counted on a budget of 10 million euros, nothing habitual in Spanish series, figure that toger with 130 locations used in filming, more than 2,000 figurative and almost 200 actors , y give an idea of dimension of this bet. "The responsibility is re from moment y tell you that you're going to have this budget to shoot what you want. Without se 10 million we would not have been able to make this series, or we could not have done so, "Rodriguez recognizes. "It weighs that responsibility, but what experience has shown me is that you have to trust what you think you'd like, it's only compass when it comes to telling a story. And I think what's left is fine, it's a well-told and very entertaining story. Much more cannot be ordered. Well, yes, when series ends is not one of those that are forgotten in two days, but leaves a dreg and a second reading and layers below, "completes director.

Although se six chapters tell a story with a closed end, Cobos is already developing a second installment, already confirmed by Movistar. "We'll see where it goes. As is so vast documentation and knowledge of city and time we have now, we think why not have a second season. " The plague will continue to adopting.

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