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The poet of friendship

Homage to the author of ' Rough World '. Friends of Ángel González, who died ten years ago, gather to sing and read their verses

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The poet of friendship

The early morning was his time, and friendship and night played with him until so many. And at dawn died in a hospital in Madrid poet Ángel González at 82 years, makes this today 10 years exactly.

Last night, in Sala Galileo in Madrid, friends from all over, and all songs, from Joan Margarit to Ángel Gabilondo, from Benjamin Prado to Javier Rioyo and Chus Visor, Pedro Guerra, Almudena Grandes, Miguel Rios and Luis García Montero, with ors, y dedicated a Homage with his verses at same time that, in anor time, he began to travel night of cities, Madrid, Oviedo, where he was born and where he lived fear of his mor to sound of bombing in war. Three singers, Marwan, Luis Ramiro and Rozalén were added. And a crowd that overflowed hall; A lot of people outside, to relente. And absent poet, visible in verses, in anecdotes that were aired, in infinite space that already inhabit his poetry.

Gabilondo came from philosophy to give ethical intonation to his namesake and Joan Margarit read in his Catalan language and in Spanish of González UN in memoriam. "So it is for me your poetry:/A clean, well-lit place." Almudena Grandes told that it was made of sonnets by one of rough world. Allen Josephs, hispanist of Florida, related one by one places where poet put throne to night: Corralada, Oliver, Bocaccio, Count Xiquena, dawn until dawn of geography that Ángel traveled "with his unfathomable patience"... And so, music and verse, controlled by or patience, that of editor of Ángeles Aguilera, who became master of ceremonies...

Luis García Montero (left) and Marwan in homage of this Wednesday to poet Ángel González, in Madrid. Álvaro García

In Oviedo, y also celebrate ir footprint of friendship and Dawn today. It will be at Teatro Campoamor, where Ángel received one day Prince of Asturias Award. There will be Josefina Martínez, widow of Emilio alarches, nail and angel meat; Aurelio González Ovies, Ángeles Carvajal, Javier Almuzara, Rocío Acebal... And at same time it appears in Oviedo a monograph that collects texts of or stalwarts: Luis Antonio de Villena, José Ramón Ripoll, Javier Bozalongo, Ben Clark, Verónica Aranda... In that homage written by his editor, Mario Vega, he has had five unpublished poemás of author of Word on word. The poet's widow, Professor Susana Rivera, gave m up for this occasion.

His death left many people in shadow, not only poets who followed him from night to dawn. But he was also a friend of streets of a city that, as his friend and colleague Juan García Gardener said, he noticed in joy that showed bars that Angel had returned from his classes in New Mexico.

Almudena Grandes, this Wednesday in homage to Angel Gabilondo. Álvaro García

For him was more fruitful a friend than a verse, a conversation to so many that a whole book of poems. And when his friends went away before him, a gardener among m, he coined a phrase like a tear thrown on calendars: "I lose my time."

Of that affective vein benefited soul of many people: Young poets, Juan Marse, dawns in which he tore guitar with his friend Pedro Avila (who, like Sabina and as Pedro Guerra or Joaquín Pixán, made songs of his verses) in Café Liberta D of Madrid... He always had, in addition, quiet hospitality of Pepe and Pepa Caballero Bonald, and until last moment, and so far, company and love of Susana Rivera, to whom he dedicated spring advances: "If Love comes out, spring advances".

In his latest book, of portraits of unforgettable beings of culture of twentieth century, examination of Wits (Seix Barral, 2017), Knight dedicates this paragraph to his friend on frequency with which y revived, according to Angel himself, most precious of achievements of its generation : "Encounters with Angel always made a lesson between ironic and erudite. It reached a maturity solvent without ever abandoning route undertaken with Rough World, its first book. He was advancing while remaining faithful to his origins. "

Angel Gabilondo, in homage. Álvaro García EL PAÍS

And Ángel González himself explained those origins in one of his most beautiful poems, so that I call him Ángel González, historical and lyrical reconstruction of difficult universe that dawned in Asturias. He's in a rough world: "For me to call myself Ángel González, for my being to weigh upon ground,/it was necessary a wide space/and a long time:/Men of all sea and all land,/fertile wombs of woman, and bodies/and more bodies, melting incessant/in or New body. " A new body that becomes, at last, in "a tenacious rubble, that resists/to its ruin, that fights against wind,/that advances by roads that do not carry/to no place. Success/ALL failures. The crazed/out of discouragement. "

The poet of friendship and night. Garcia Montero said: "It was one of those miracles that sometimes happen. The real teacher becomes a friend. Angel represented quality of an essential civic poetry, truth of those who live without hope, but with convictions. My melancholy is a form of vitality thanks to him. "

The Melancholy of Angel: an innumerable inheritance that is enjoyed invariably until today. With that melancholy ended night this time. Rozalén sang to Republicans retaliated in homage to Brors of Angel. Miguel Ríos and Pedro Guerra put music on poet. The Grenadines read small evocation, one of great poems of Angel. And Tenerife finished with Me like that. They ended sooner than poet's nights took. But it is that Angel nights are only possible in love of his memory.


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