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The Pompidou of Malaga renews its collection with a voyage to the Utopias

The museum hangs works of 60 artists around the hopes and frustrations of the great revolutions of the twentieth century

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The Pompidou of Malaga renews its collection with a voyage to the Utopias

"All signs are satisfactory," said Serge Lasvignes, president of Pompidou Centre in Paris yesterday, on possibilities of great French Contemporary Art museum renewing its commitment to Malaga and remaining in city beyond five years Initially anticipated. The news coincides with wishes of mayor of Málaga, Francisco de la Torre, who, hours before inauguration of first renovation of collection of centre Pompidou Malaga, spoke of an "unlimited" presence of French center on Costa del Sol. Modern Utopias, title of new collection, curated by Brigitte Leal as well as first, speaks of hopes and disappointments of society throughout twentieth century; of how ideals were replacing ors in continual quest for happiness in which man embarked from Russian Revolution to criteria of sustainability and respect for environment that govern return to golden age of today's society.

The figures for this second installment are: 63 works by 60 artists who will be in Malaga until March 2020. From today we can show works by Peter Doig, Frank Stella, Malévitch, Kandinsky, Robert Delaunay, Equipo Chronica ... Only five of signatures that were in first selection, with which was inaugurated so-called cube of art in port, in March 2015, repeat: Picasso, Chagall, Miró — with characters in night, an oil of 274 x 637 centimeters that by its large dimensions can not To be seen in mor house of Paris — Saura and Julio González.

Enlarge photo ' 100 years ago ' (2001), oil by Peter Doig.

"The word Utopia leads us to a non-place, to dreams with little chance of being fulfilled." Malaga was not long ago a non-place and none of us could have dreamt about this, "said José María Luna, director of public agency that manages Picasso's birthplace, collection of Russian Museum and Pompidou.

Model of flag of Nerlands for Expo 2000. Hannover (Alemani), from team of architects MVRDV.

"The collection is a dynamic journey through pursuit of happiness." By work of artists and architects who became prophets of new times and, sometimes, in victims of totalitarian powers; But y have always been speaker of aspirations of men, "clarifies Brigitte Leal in front of one of her favorite paintings: The Man who runs (1930-1931), from Malévitch. "The founder of Suprematism, who initially believed in transformative power of Russian Revolution, in Stalinist era was forced to return to figuration." In this work shows a peasant without a face who flees and leaves behind his back two prisons, a red and anor white, in allusion to two powers still in conflict, "says Commissioner, who believes that great room of Malaga space is ideal for displaying pieces in Paris not Pu Eden to be seen as a monument to Third International (1919-1920), a tower of Babel that encloses a radio to spread revolutionary ideals.

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The good results of agreement, initially signed for five years in March 2015 and which meant creation of first franchise of Pompidou outside of France, support a desire shared by French and Malaga leaders. "We want this to continue, in what form and how long y will be object of dialogue later", corroborated yesterday Almighty Lasvignes. "The Pompidou has, after MoMA of new York, second best collection of contemporary art of world." We have some 120,000 works, of which we can only show 5%; That is why it is very important for us to be able to work with or countries, said president of multidisciplinary center that has just turned 40 years and, as Eiffel Tower, anor of icons of Paris, was born surrounded by most bitter controversy.

The center, with name of French Prime minister who promoted it, has been planning its expansion for years. Opened a branch in Metz in 2010, n went to Malaga, next year will inaugurate a headquarters in Brussels and is projected to open anor in Shanghai in 2019. Lasvignes spoke yesterday of a possible landing in Colombia. "It is a country that is coming out of a very difficult situation and where artists have a strong commitment." At moment, re is a reciprocal interest and we have maintained some informal exchanges, president said.

A profitable project

The centre Pompidou Malaga costs city about four million euros annually, amount that city Council considers "a magnificent investment" because it has contributed to place capital among one of best cultural destinations in Spain. From March 2015 to 1 December have gone through space 449,219 people, 60% Spanish and 40% foreigners, and at end of this year expect to reach 500,000 visitors.


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