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The Pope, the new star of Cannes

The documentary of Wim Wenders a man of word serves as the perfect spokesman for the secular and evángelico message of Francis

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The Pope, the new star of Cannes
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Says Pope Francis: "There are two beauties that improve life, and y are smile and sense of humour." Last night, at world premiere of documentary Pope Francis: A man of word, Wim Wenders said that " pontiff will not come, because today is Sunday and works." I'm sure Jorge Bergoglio would have supported joke. And he will be delighted with film, which shows talent that German filmmaker has with documentary, now that he has lost his pulse in fiction. The film is projected in official section out of competition.

A man of his word is basically a hagiography in which spectator accompanies pope in his travels, images that are interspersed with interviews that Wenders has done to pontiff to take his opinions. For most controversial topics filmmaker uses a talk of Bergoglio on papal plane on one of his trips. There he says about gays: "Who am I to judge someone if y accept God? No one can be marginalized. " And about innumerable cases of paedophilia, to House of Wenders, tells him: "It is a serious problem, brutal. Against pedophilia, zero tolerance. The guilty priests must be punished. The bishops must accompany complaints of parents [of children who have suffered abuses]. "

Pope Francis is a proper pontiff for times that run. He can speak to chamber, is convincing and elegant in his dissertations, quotes Dostoevsky, jokes with his auditoriums and cries out against abuse of nature and prevailing economy, which pushes many human beings to margins of society. During footage, Wenders draws a parallel between Argentine pontiff and St. Francis of Assisi, with sequences in which he has rebuilt life of saint. Jorge Bergoglio is first American pope, of sourn hemisphere, Jesuit and who takes name of founder of Franciscans, of a man who advocated for poverty and love of nature.

That's where film starts, because of economic inequalities: "You can't understand why re is so much starving child. The temptation of riches affects church. As long as re is a church that puts hope in wealth, Jesus is not re. Because poverty is at heart of Gospel. " That's why Francis comes to a didactic explanation: "The lack of work robs you of dignity. I'm talking about three T's: work, land and roof. Work is noblest thing that man does, because he imitates God by creating. " Hence Wenders cinematic cunning, which shows pope in favelas and shacks of different parts of world as Rio de Janeiro or Naples. "Let's say no to economy that excludes and degrades. It is globalization of indifference. Let us again support common good. "

When it comes to relations between men and women, Bishop of Rome arrives: "The world cannot move forward without complementarity or reciprocity. They do not help eir machismo or feminism, "opposing two conceptions that cannot be matched. There is also space for a more evangelistic, ological message even: "God is respectful of human freedom. It is not possible to be proselytizing ", it counts in one of interviews, that carried out in Jerusalem. "In end, we are all children of Abraham. The only bondage of men is love of God. In rest we are free, even to not love him. "

We see Francisco with or religious leaders, giving speeches in United States Senate and at United Nations Headquarters in Bogotá, with prisoners in Philadelphia, touring Africa and stopping at Lampedusa, main gateway of immigration to Europe: "The Immigrant is a victim of social injustice. Building walls is not solution. We are afraid of difference because it is one that makes us grow. "

And to finish, return to humour. The Pope confesses that after his morning prayers, he always remembers prayer of good humour of St. Thomas Moro: "Grant me, Lord, a good digestion... and also something to digest." Wenders has done his job.


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