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The ' Quixote ' of Terry Gilliam can be seen in Cannes

French justice rejects the demand of the Exproductor Paulo Branco, for a dispute by copyright, and the film closes on May 19 the festival

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The ' Quixote ' of Terry Gilliam can be seen in Cannes

Finally curse seems to end. Terry Gilliam will be at his home in London celebrating his two last bargains to jinx that for two decades accompanies his project to adapt Don Quixote to screen. The French justice, in particular Court of Great instance of Paris, has dismissed demand of exproductor of project, Portuguese Paulo Branco, who requested withdrawal of its projection at close of festival of Cannes and paralysis of its premiere Trade in France next day. The bloody Gilliam movie takes flight.  The announcer of news was general delegate of Cannes, Thierry Frémaux, who from stage of Sala Debussy, where it was held early in afternoon inauguration of section A certain look, has announced: "We have won."

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In addition, good news about Gilliam's health, which will be in Cannes at closing, is confirmed, following rumors that he had suffered a stroke. The Spanish film producer. Litmus, confirmed last night that Gilliam had not suffered a vascular accident, but that doctors had recommended rest because of pressure se days. That's why he went through hospital even though he was at home resting and preparing trip.

The decision implies defeat of Branco, producer of film, who filed lawsuit for a dispute over copyright in which he asked to block release of film. After Festival de Cannes and Spanish film producer, litmus, repeatedly reiterated ir tranquility against resources of Branco, a news this morning had already blown alarms around fate of man who Killed Don Quixote: Amazon announced that it was renouncing its distribution in United States.

Message et photo by Terry Gilliam reçus à l'instant: "Pas encore mort. Je viens à Cannes. "/Just got a message and picture from Terry Gilliam:" Not dead yet. We are coming to Cannes. "PIC.TWITTER.COM/1CU661FZSW

— Festival de Cannes (@Festival_Cannes) May 9th, 2018

In a meeting with press, just before announcing sentence, Branco charged against Thierry Frémaux, director of Cannes, for "provoke this crisis in festival" and said he had already invested about 800,000 euros in project. The producer also defended that, if contest had not scheduled film as a closing movie, he would not have "come so far" with his court fight. Branco also promised that he will seek "an agreement that does not harm film." He also noted that court decision would not appeal.

At origin of lawsuit is rupture of contract between Gilliam and Branco, who in 2016 bought first copyright-director through his producer Alfama. But during pre-production of film, numerous disagreements between two led producer to suspend start of filming. Gilliam n contacted Spanish producer litmus and shot film between March and June 2017, in Spain and Portugal.

But Branco denounced British filmmaker to French judiciary. This episode prolonged a little more curse that has struck for almost two decades man who killed Don Quixote. In 2000, Gilliam had to cease filming his free adaptation of famous work of Miguel de Cervantes, with Jean Rochefort, Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis, due to a chain of misfortune, from a flood in place of filming to a herniated disc Suffered by late French actor.

The Festival de Cannes, which started on Tuesday, supported British director, but said he would respect decision of French judiciary. The Minister of Culture of France, Françoise Nyssen, today said Wednesday, who hoped that judge would speak in favor of Gilliam. "I hope film can be exhibited. It is always unfortunate to take an artist hostage, "said daily Nice-Matin.


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