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The resignation of Livermore Abreotra crisis in the Palau de les Arts

The director of the Valencian Opera renounces the "obstacles" of the Generalitat, which promotes a new model of management of the Coliseum. A court opens oral judgment against Helga Schmidt and four other persons for alleged embezzlement, prevarication and falsehood

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The resignation of Livermore Abreotra crisis in the Palau de les Arts

One day after Plácido Domingo presented new season of Palau de les Arts in Valencia with opera Don Carlo, intendant of opera, Italian Davide Livermore, announced yesterday his resignation. If Verdi's work raises struggle for freedom against political and religious oppression, Livermore wielded Generalitat's "administrative impediments" to its management at front of campus to explain its march of position it occupied since 2015. After removal of former intendant, Helga Schmidt, processed by alleged crimes of prevarication, embezzlement and falsehood during her stage in front of Valencian Coliseum.

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The departure of reputed Italian scenographer and later announcement by Generalitat that it will give a radical turn to management of Palau de les Arts, a monumental building designed by Santiago Calatrava that cost 478 million euros, means definitive end of a Stage in trajectory operatic valenciana marked by multiple conflicts and controversies but also by musical successes (like creation of new orchestra or applauded productions like Ring of Nibelung of Wagner). Livermore, head of Plácido Domingo del Palau Development Centre, was only important position left from headed period by SCHMITD, which opened spectacular opera in 2005 with a budget of 44 million euros, now reduced to 22 Million.

The Italian, in an emotive appearance, accompanied by a hundred employees and collaborators of Palau, among m, Plácido Domingo, explained that it does not leave by pressures in its artistic management, which has always exerted "freely" both with current government Of Generalitat as with previous, nor for budgetary matters, but for administrative reasons that lead to a situation that does not want to be "complicit". According to Livermore, se obstacles make "unviable task" for which he was hired. The artist wondered even if, consciously or not, desire of Generalitat is to close Palau. "Culture, art, cannot be categorized as merchandise from a supermarket line," he defended.

The trigger of his resignation, according to Italian version, is draft audit that supervisory bodies of Generalitat have made him arrive on management of center in 2016. Little more or less report says "that what we have done with hiring of artists does not respect law," he snapped bluntly.


Livermore also regretted that Generalitat had not found in two years a formula that would make compatible his work as a scenographer in or international atres with his position in Coliseum, and criticized lack of will of Valencian administration to endow of stable personnel to orchestra and to rest of staff of Palau de les Arts. "In 2017 we have submitted 58 requests for recruitment and have only been answered to 14", he set an example.

The intendant was confident that two musical directors of Palau de les Arts, Fabio Biondi and Roberto Abbado, completed ir contracts without any time, ending in 2019. The singer and conductor Plácido Domingo expressed his support for Livermore.

The forcefulness with which Italian artist spoke forced regional secretary of Culture of Generalitat, Albert Girona, to appear later to give account of change of model in management of operatic enclosure. According to Girona, board of Palau de les Arts promotes a change of its statutes to eliminate figure of intendant and create two new ones: that of Director general and that of creative director, that will go to public contest like that was made with post of Director General of L Institut Valencià d'Art Modern (IVAM).

The regional secretary of Culture, who accepted resignation of Livermore, said that intendant knew plans of board before relinquishing office. In fact, Livermore acknowledged in his appearance yesterday morning that he had already told Generalitat that he was not going to show up for competition.

The resignation of Italian artist coincides in time with decision of Court of instruction number 15 of Valencia to open oral trial — no date has yet been set — against Helga Schmidt and four or people — three entrepreneurs and one exmanager — for alleged fraud In Coliseum. They are accused of alleged embezzlement, prevarication and falsehood. The former intendant-also rest of accused-has denied accusations and insisted that both contracts and previous negotiations, which will be prosecuted, "were made by Generalitat".

Stage Director, Scenographer, costume designer and lighting, singer, dancer, actor, scriptwriter and pedagogue are some of facets that artistic manager of Palau de les Arts has developed in his more than 22 years of career, during which he has Sung in main opera houses of world with artists such as Luciano Pavarotti, Plácido Domingo, Josep Carreras, Zubin Mehta, Mirella Freni, Luca Ronconi, Andrei Tarkovsky or Zhang Yimou. A trajectory that has consolidated so much in main stages of continent as in small atres of its native Italy.

As stage director he has worked for main Italian atres: Maggio Musicale Fiorentino, Regio of Turin, San Carlo of Naples, Carlo Felice of Genoa, La Fenice of Venice, as well as for Rossini Festival of Pesaro.

Outside of his country has been required by operas of Philadelphia (United States), Montpellier and Avignon (France), in addition to Bunka Kaikan of Tokyo and Seoul Arts Center. In Spain he has presented his productions in Opera a Coruña, Teatro Arriaga in Bilbao and Teatro de la Zarzuela in Madrid.

Chronology of an onerous ' do de pecho '

origins. The PP arrived at government of Generalitat Valenciana in 1995 and changed communications tower projected in City of Arts and sciences — budgeted at 97 million euros — by opera of Palau de les Arts, also designed by Santiago Calatrava , whose cost rose to 478.5 million.

in 2000, Helga Schmidt, an adviser at Covent Garden, is appointed intendant and begins to create a new orchestra, with Maestro Lorin Maazel of musical director, who soon ranks among best in Spain, according to critics.

opera was inaugurated in 2005 successfully thanks to Assembly of Fidelio, of Beethoven, directed by Zubin Mehta, anor of stars hired.

scenic platform of main hall sank in 2006 and jammed, modifying programming.

main hall's capacity was reduced by 2007 12% to eliminate 200 seats with little or no visibility. That same year, most serious incident occurred: flooding of lower levels of opera, after heavy rains. The repair cost amounted to 16 million. lt; MC gt;

in 2009, greatest international success of Palau de Les Arts was premiered, tetralogy was ring of Wagner's Nibelung, with direction of Zubin Mehta and La Fura dels Baus.

in 2013, we detected falls of trencadís that covers entire Palau. It was completely changed two years later.

Police registered Palau in 2015 for two cases of alleged corruption. Schmidt, along with or collaborators, was imputed. Davide Livermore took over quartermaster.

The judge has already ordered opening of trial against Helga Schmidt for prevarication and embezzlement. Davide Livermore resigned yesterday as mayor. The Generalitat announces a new management model.


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