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The series that come: human stories, comedies and returns from the past

American chains in Open have presented news for next season

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The series that come: human stories, comedies and returns from the past

The 2017-2018 television season is about to end and America's big open chains already think of new course. Throughout last week, main channels have presented to advertisers (and by way, to rest of world) grill for which y will bet from autumn: The Harvest of series 2018-2019.

Although relevance of open chains is no longer that of years ago, with streaming television carrying lead vocals in terms of fiction, advancement of new season is used to detect television trends. If last year still came several series starring superheroes, this year that fashion has slowed down and re is no news about it. Nor have y curdled series of military mes that last year flourished and of which only will remain in new course SEAL Team. Those who do remain very present are returns of past and versions of television classics. That's TV coming:

-The return of classical sitcoms. The success of return of Roseanne and Will and Grace has made new bets flourish for classic comedies, recorded in decorations and with live audiences. This year y have commissioned twice as much series of this type as last course. These include last Man standing, starring Tim Allen: Cancelled last year by ABC, has been resurrected by Fox. Or novelties will be Happy Toger, in which a young couple of newlyweds will have to live with a pop star, or Neighborhood, story of a family whose extreme kindness contrasts with way of being of neighbors of ir new neighborhood of Los Angeles .

Trailer for return of ' Last Man standing '.

-resurrections and new versions. For a few years it is one of strongest tendencies and it does not seem ready to leave yet. To resort to a title already known to adapt it to new times or to produce a continuation is a resource that few can resist in a world with so much competition to attract attention of Spectator. This year re is a new version of Magnum P.I., although with a protagonist of Latin origin and without iconic mustache of Tom Selleck. It also returns haunted with a new trio of sisters, of surname Prutt, but also with powers which y discover after sudden death of ir mor. From Spain travels to United States Gran Hotel, which leaves early twentieth century and north of Iberian Peninsula to be located in current Miami. And Murphy Brown also returns with same protagonist, Candice Bergen, to show writing of a television news in Times of Trump.

Advance of return of ' Murphy Brown '.

-Dramas with human histories. The success of this is Us last year and Good Doctor this has made chains this year have opted for stories of sentimental and dramatic cut. In Village, residents of an apartment building in Brooklyn's New York neighborhood create strong friendships between m, with plots that include from life of a single mor to a war veteran or a woman struggling for future of her Child while dealing with immigration services. A Million Little things puts focus on a group of friends whose life changes when one of m dies suddenly, which will make m appreciate more ir friendship. And in Red Line, lives of three families intertwines after death of a black doctor because of accidental shooting of a white policeman.

' A Million Little things ' series trailer.

-The usual: Cops, doctors, lawyers. You can not miss a good ration of series focused on professions that most populate fiction television. With rookie, Nathan Fillion returns to a starring role after Castle and does it to get into skin of a rookie policeman in Los Angeles. With FBI, dick Wolf, creator of Law and order franchises and Chicago, expands his TV kingdom to follow work at FBI offices in new York. Inside a hospital is new Amsterdam, a medical drama inspired by Bellevue, oldest public hospital in United States, and struggle of its new medical director to recover brilliance of past. Proven innocent, focuses on a team of lawyers whose task is to investigate cases of convicted for crimes of which y are allegedly innocent. And Marcia Clark, attorney for O.J. Simpson case, has produced The Fix, a partly-inspired legal drama in her life, starring a prosecutor whose career overturns when she fails in a trial against a famous actor.

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