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The series winning the Emmy

Productions premiered 30 years ago remain among the most awarded

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The series winning the Emmy

Productions, which premiered 30 years ago remain among most award-winning

The 12 Emmy awards that makers of Game of Thrones picked up a year ago in Los Angeles stood at phenomenon of television as series most successful in 68 editions of awards of television, with 38 of 80 nominations accumulated. A sprint in fiction of HBO to overcome to Frasier, with 37 awards and more than a decade off screens, he ceded his throne to 12 years after ir last award. The delay in premiere of seventh season of adventures of world of George R. R. Martin prevents it to extend his advantage, at least in this gala.

From classification reflected in top graph, The Simpsons, or Modern Family are still being issued each week, while ors, like Cheers, The west wing or The girl from telly, many years ago, left grill. The program humorous Saturday Night Live has been for NBC 50 emmy awards in its more than 40 seasons. 

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trends in television can be sensed with year in which more awards harvested. Game of Thrones has spent two seasons taking home 12 awards and showing off his world domination; Modern Family saw its best year in 2010, with six; X files, which has been revived this year by Fox, earned five awards in 1996. For The Simpsons dates back to early nineties, when in 1992 y won six Emmys, all for actors that were voices.

series cancelled that are kept in classification, Frasier was found with six Emmy's for its final season, in 2004. The farewell ceremony was most prolific is not so common; The west wing, which collected nine awards in year 2000 after his first season, surpassing record that had been marked Urgent in ir first year: eight awards in 1995.

The same script continued Cheers, which won more awards from television in its early years. In 1983, he stood with his best record in a same ceremony, five awards. In 1981 did same with eight or sad Song of Hill Street. The oldest of classification, girl from telly, starring Mary Tyler Moore, had to wait several years to get its best recognition by Academy of Television, to deserve six awards, including best comedy. Something similar to what has happened to Game of Thrones: going from less to more, with some exception. To put it in perspective, already in his first season was made with six awards, as many as some of best records of series most award-winning in hosting Emmy's.


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