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The Spanish authorities multiply warnings before the referendum on the catalan from 1 October

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The Spanish authorities multiply warnings before the referendum on the catalan from 1 October

The regional government chaired by separatist Carles Puigdemont has shows up determined to organize referendum of self-determination that it has convened.

Carles Puigdemont, president of regional government of Catalonia, was a nice attempt to rally 948 mayors of Catalonia in referendum convened by regional government independence on 1st of October, Madrid refuses to negotiate and multiplies maneuvers to prevent outfit.

The prosecutor general's office of Spain has so ordered, on Wednesday, 13 September, prosecutors in Catalonia that y cite to appear mayors of region ready to organize referendum, even to get m to stop if y don't show up.

According to Association of mayors for independence (AMI), which brings toger about 750 of 948 municipalities Catalan, 712 mayors are willing to put premises at disposal of executive catalan to organize on 1st of October self-determination referendum, prohibited by constitutional Court.

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Instructions to police forces

The day before, Tuesday, public prosecutor had ordered all police forces to region to prevent referendum. In a document, public prosecutor is addressed to " all police units ", civil guard, national police and Mossos d'esquadra, dependent on catalan government, and instructs m to act against authorities, officials or private individuals " in order to prevent commission of offences ". "The police officers (...) shall adopt measures needed to grasp means or instruments intended to prepare or to organize referendum illegal ", can we read about election scheduled for 1 October.

Among se measures, prosecutor's office evokes seizure of " ballot envelopes, election, instruction manuals for assessors of polling stations, forms-electoral, electoral propaganda, computer elements, as well as any or material dissemination, promotion, or execution of referendum illegal.

This puts Mossos d'esquadra in a complicated situation, since prosecution was ordered to take action against regional government on which y depend directly. "The Mossos are re to serve all citizens, not a few," said in morning minister of justice Spanish, Rafael Catala, on public television.

Proceedings against members of regional government

Carles Puigdemont, president of regional government of Catalonia, for its part, asked during a radio interview in Catalan RAC1 that is left to Mossos d'esquadra " quiet ". The spokesperson for catalan government, Jordi Turull, for its part, reported that " priority" was to regional police of " fight against jihadist terrorism, given threat level ", less than a month after attacks, which have killed 16, 17 and 18 August in Barcelona and Cambrills.

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The public prosecutor's office has required of prosecution against Mr. Puigdemont, and every member of his government, accusing m of disobedience, prevarication and embezzlement of public funds, latter offence leading to jail terms of up to eight years in prison. He also called for closure of a website promoting referendum and media not to broadcast institutional advertising related to referendum.


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