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The tears of the historian Alvarez Junco revive the Spanish exile in Mexico

The author of Mater Dolorosa thanks the cries of the hospitality of the American country in the Guadalajara Book Fair

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The tears of the historian Alvarez Junco revive the Spanish exile in Mexico

"Spanish citizens will never be sufficiently grateful to Mexico for what this country did for ir exiles." Said this José Álvarez Junco, historian of Mater Dolorosa, and broke to weep. Outside, in core of most important international fair of Book in Spanish (FIL), a mariachi sounded, that sad music that José Alfredo Jiménez placed at level of best poetry. "And if you want to know of my past it is necessary to say anor lie, I will tell you that I came from a strange world, that I do not know of pain, that I in love and that I have never cried." The transit of story to weeping was testimony of Junco, who was born in Catalonia and raised in Zamora and represented on Monday in Guadalajara, with this gesture, a long story that was born when Civil war was no longer hopeless and Mexico opened doors wide open to Dolo R of Exiles.

At that time, José Álvarez Junco spoke with Jesús Primary, a foreign correspondent in Mexico, and exdirector of this newspaper, in one of events organized at fair by city Council of Madrid, invited town. Junco explained what Spain could do to alleviate this difficult new moment in its painful history with Catalonia. It enumerated respect for languages and flags, revitalization of Senate as House of Autonomy and, in general, creation of a strong and tolerant federal state with differences. He had also evoked law of historical memory in whose implementation Junco works with town hall of Manuela Carmena. And that is where historian summoned sorrow for vanquished, for humiliated and for those who helped in that trance without forgetting. It was at that moment that Mexico reached heart, said those words and broke to mourn.

Before mariachi and weeping, Fernando had concited melancholy, pain and laughter in two steps from where Junco shed his tears, and n poet Luis García Montero was listened to recite a poem of Love to his wife, Almudena Grandes. A little furr, Alberto Ruy Sánchez and Mercedes Montmany explained to public why y should read Juan Goytisolo, who died this year in his sadness of Transterrane. The very veteran editor Daniel Divinski, Argentine, applauded to his very young Spanish colleague Juan Casamayor (foam pages), who has won highest editorial award of Fair. The Poets from Madrid ( locals are from all over, like those of Bilbao) Ada Salas, Javier Rodríguez Marcos and Antonio Lucas, in Pavilion of Madrid (which bears emblem of León Felipe you will gain light) lit ir verses. All rooms were crowded, and in ranking of most listened (in silence) were to that now quoted philosopher and very required Paul Auster. Until mariachi came FIL was only word and silence, and that weeping.

The poet Luis Garcia Montero recited a poem of Love to his wife, Almudena Grandes

This is fair of Guadalajara, an open Book of Latin America. Hundreds of thousands of adults and boys, readers and lectors coincide, hundreds of writers from everywhere, popular as those or aspiring to glory or limbo. Carlo Feltrinelli, son of legendary editor, who now takes care of anagram also, consumed a tequila standing and marveled at this atmosphere "that sometimes seems a miracle and certainly is a good construction that promotes that everyone is inclined to read. "It's energetic, popular and affective, close." Luis Cueto, who coordinates everything that goes on in city of Carmena, takes to Madrid, said, will to prolong re se teachings, "to make our city European Capital of Latin America books." Paco de Blas, who has directed here presence of city Council, keeps this impression: "It is a shrewd construct, with a market vision combined with commitment to ideas". Kirmes Uribe, still young Basque writer who came for first time, was impressed by variegation, complexity and crowd. "And this is a fair?" "This is a miracle."

The Miracle of Reading

And what happened, why is FIL a construction at same time as a miracle? It is said by one of most veteran attendees, who saw birth of fair on a dirt track, with four tables where second-hand books were served because industry was still far away. It is José Carreño, now president of Great Editorial of Mexico (and Spanish-speaking world), Fund of economic culture. "Yes, first is a construct, product of people as dynamic as Raul Padilla [creator and president of FIL]." And result is miraculous. No one imagined that this was going to be put in center of all intelligence of world in Spanish and after book in general. Only Frankfurt is bigger, but, as Feltrinelli pointed out, Frankfurt has agents and publishers and this also has readers. For hundreds of thousands.

The FIL is center of all world's intelligence in Spanish

It is a reliable destination, to which agents of world and, above all, American librarians come to look for novelties with which to spend in Spanish what is left of ir generous budgets. This was shown by Divinski, who added: "The FIL is result of an immense investment with a huge criterion." From inside he sees it so Laura Niembro, who carries contents and who counts 17 years living between construct and miracle: "It is a Latin American and world-wide magnet at very waist of hemisphere." It is reinvented every year, and in that sense it is a perfect construction. "But it is also a miracle, and reader has given that touch that makes it unique." Marisol Schultz, who runs it, corroborates: "It is a good construction that at times, indeed, looks like a miracle."

When Junco finished speaking, unable to contain tears after his brief speech of anger and gratitude for what Mexico did for Spain, public broke in an equally excited ovation. Outside it had ceased to sound that rare world of Jose Alfredo Jiménez, had finished talking of "" and for a moment it was silenced and primer ended this special moment, perhaps most delicate and beautiful of this miracle American called FIL and It has been going on for 31 years in Guadalajara. This year with Madrid telling his story "You will win light."


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