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The Teatro Real would absorb the Zarzuela

The center so far belonging to the INAEM of culture will become part of the foundation of the Lyric Coliseum and be managed by this

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The Teatro Real would absorb the Zarzuela

The Teatro Real extends its influence in Madrid. In short term-before two years-it will absorb within its management Teatro de la Zarzuela to centralize under a command entire lyric initiative of capital. The president of royal patronage, Gregorio Marañón, and Director general of National Institute of Performing Arts and Music (INAEM), Montserrat Iglesias, have negotiated in recent weeks merger with approval of Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport.

Daniel Bianco, director of Teatro de la Zarzuela, has been summoned on Monday at 10.45 in Office of Secretary of State for culture, Fernando Benzo. Although Bianco informally knows, as confirmed by himself to this newspaper, he will be informed in this meeting by high office of Ministry. Speaking to country, Bianco says he is unaware of terms of new agreement: "I have a contract until November 1, 2020 and next two scheduled seasons. I am a man of atre, I have just left rehearsal of concert that will give this Sunday Elina Garanča and I do not intend to get off boat. "

The new model points to Paris as a reference. There, National Opera House has two venues: Teatro de la Bastille and Opéra Garnier, managed by a single command. This one occupies it now as a senior responsible Stéphane Lissner, which will not renew contract in France.

For years, Teatro de la Zarzuela has been one of biggest headaches of INAEM for its labor agreements and its lack of flexibility when it comes to tackling certain projects, as well as touring. There was already an attempt to absorb years ago by Real. The efforts differ from model and that Zarzuela goes to environment of Mixed foundation of Real, with public funds, private and own resources, would expedite, as y believe those responsible for both institutions, its operation. The initiative has been led on both occasions by leaders of Plaza de Oriente. But if in past it collided frontally with charges of INAEM, at present time, Iglesias has accepted it without just inconvenience.

"I have a contract until November 1, 2020 and next two scheduled seasons. I'm not getting off boat, "says Daniel Bianco, director of Zarzuela.

The unions have not been informed of details and this weekend showed ir concern in two statements. CC OO launched following notice: "We are trying to contrast information of possible privatization of Teatro de la Zarzuela to be absorbed by Teatro Real. To confirm this end we will have to defend ourselves against this attack with urgent mobilizations. We'll keep on reporting in next few hours. "

For its part, UGT pointed out: "The unions will have a meeting with Director General to inform us about this decision and plan that it has for atre workers. We will immediately inform those affected and begin mobilization of all INAEM to stop this attack and privatization of our organism.

The initiative was not well received in trade union area. One of great questions, precisely, is to know to what extent measure will affect stable bodies of Zarzuela — orchestra and Chorus — and administrative and technical staff of atre. All of m depend so far on INAEM. The Real has its own staff about it, although it would certainly produce a merger that will study with unions.

It is also a mystery artistic direction. The Teatro de la Zarzuela dedicates most of its programming to genus Chico. His raison d'être, since he stopped programming opera after reopening of Real 20 years ago, is defense and renewal of legacy in this field. But sometimes it also deals with small-format operas, recitals, lyrical concerts, dance or various types of initiatives devised by artistic team. The Real focuses on opera and dance as main axes of programming now designed by Joan Matabosch as artistic director. His strategy of opening up outside headquarters — driven at time of former director, late Gerard Mortier — has led him to establish alliances with Canal atres, dependent on community of Madrid and or scenarios. With absorption of Zarzuela, project takes on a much more ambitious dimension.

At meeting scheduled for Monday in ministry, Daniel Bianco hopes to inform him wher y want him to remain in his post or not. "According to what you tell me, I will make a decision on my course," says current head of Zarzuela. On or hand, he knows Real well, for years he was his technical director. But presumed loss of autonomy that this decision implies does not convince him.


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