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The television that you see the next day

Deferred viewing gains relevance in audience measurements. Elite body has beaten the historic record this year

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The television that you see the next day

Since February 2015, measurement of audience of open television not only takes into account spectators who are watching each program at time of its issuance. That month came into play anor metric, that of viewing in deferred, that television consumption is made thanks to recording systems or services of viewing last week of operators beyond ir broadcast at time network programmed it. Kantar Media, a company that takes charge of measurement of audiences in Spain, considers as a delayed audience views made on television in seven days following its issuance. Reproductions in or devices would not be considered.

It is a type of consumption in ascending line since it was started to be measured. Two seasons ago, daily average per spectator was 3 minutes, while in television course that now ends, figure has doubled to 6 minutes. Although deferred means approximately 2.5% of total consumption of current television, in cases such as series can amount to 15% of its audience. In fact, fiction is star product in list of most viewed emissions in this way.

By Chains, Antena 3 (10.5%) has been a leader in deferred consumption in 2017-2018 season — and has been every television course since this audience is measured — followed by Telecinco (10.4%) and 1 (9.8%). The channel of Atresmedia is also one that more different products has cast in top 50, with series The Cadral of sea, body of elite, down re and Fariña. In fact, premiere of Elite corps beat historical record in deferred viewing in Spain, with 714,000 spectators in seven days following its broadcast on February 6. However, high track of series in this way has not been enough for chain to give it a second season.

Aitor Luna and Pablo Derqui, in ' The Cadral of Sea '.

Telecinco, looming and accident also fall into highest positions of this classification, while TVE contributes I'm alive and MasterChef, only non-fiction program that, in its different versions, adults, junior and celebrity, gets Sneak into 50 most watched deferred this season.

Roughly speaking, deferred audience looks a lot qualitatively at live audience of each program, but it does show a greater presence "of central publics [from 18 to 54 years], while more adult spectators make less use of deferred", as Says Santiago Gómez Amigo, Marketing Director of Atresmedia Televisión. Also commented Javier Lopez Cuenllas, director of Marketing Mediaset España: "The consumption in deferred and live by sexes is same, it is in ages where re is a delayed rejuvenation, as older than 65 down a lot. Of 100% of deferred consumption in month of May, 42% were registered in spectators from 35 to 54 years. "

Although it is summed up a week later, chains take into account se spectators in ir particular analyses. "It is an important audience, because in many cases it allows spectators to engage in series or programs that for different reasons have not been able to enjoy live", says José Antonio Antón, director of programming and DTT channels at Atresmedia. In any case, as pointed out by Ignacio Gómez Hernández, director of analysis and new projects of TVE, " most common guideline along with purely linear is pattern of hybrid consumption. A spectator consumes lineal until at a certain moment it decides to consume in delay, but it is same spectator ". In addition, it is a public that must have a specific equipment and know how to handle it, "not everyone has access to a smart TV, recording systems that allow to consume or to record contents, services on demand or technologies that allow interconnection of Devices, "adds Gómez Hernández.

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