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The Thyssen uses Micropatronage to restore a masterpiece

' The square of San Marcos in Venice ', of Canaletto, requires 35,000 euros for its face washing

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The Thyssen uses Micropatronage to restore a masterpiece

The Thyssen Museum has decided to resort to Micropatronage to restore one of masterpieces of its collection, Plaza de San Marcos in Venice, Canaletto. In an unprecedented action in Spanish museums, Pinacoteca requests 35,000 euros to contribute to washing of face of this painting. Therefore, in its web has divided oil in 1,000 sections, each for a value of 35 euros, which is minimum amount that each donor can contribute, for those who want to help technical study and cleaning table choosing a grid. After nine o'clock this Thursday morning, two days after launch of this initiative, amount received by museum was already approaching 6,000 euros. Axel, Marta, Álvaro, Marjorie... The Thyssen has posted list of taxpayers ' names as a token of gratitude.

"We have added to something that already works in or countries, where people are more accustomed to doing so, as in France, where it happened with Louvre, or Amsterdam Museum," explained Pepa Octavio, head of sponsorships at Thyssen Museum. In Spain, Prado Museum or Sorolla organized micropatronages but for purchase of works.

Octavio points out that restoration of a work like this Canaletto, which includes a study of pigments used by artist, in order to deepen his technique, "costs a lot more" than quantity ordered. "If we succeed, we will surely repeat. It is about making society more involved in art, decision-making, as in or areas. "

The square of San Marcos of Venice is an oil painting of 141.5 by 204.5 cm that Giovanni Antonio Canal, Canaletto (Venice, 1697-1768), painted towards 1723-24. It is refore a piece of youth of this principal representative of genre "of urban views or vedute", according to museum, and in which signs of its recognizable style appear. Canaletto painted most famous square of beautiful Italian city from a high point of view, in order to give a broader framing to composition. "The horizontal line that makes up facades of San Marcos and Ducal Palace contrasts enormously with verticality of Campanile and offices, which are located on both sides give depth to perspective", describes Thyssen.

The painting of Canaletto, as seen in this work, is characterized "by thoroughness in execution of all elements that appear in his paintings, in this way it creates atmosphere of its urban scenes". These views of great perspectives of cities captured in detail were pieces quoted by noble travelers and art lovers visiting countries such as Italy or France.

The Pinacoteca recalls in its information percentage that can be deducted in tax declaration of next year for this donation: "For first 150 euros, 75% of donation, and remainder, to 30%". In addition, it will reward participants of crowdfunding according to donation: from museum invitations, annual passes, a visit to Restoration department or a guided visit by artistic director, Guillermo Solana, in area of Italian paintings Of eighteenth century.


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