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The umpteenth lack of respect for the spectator

Telecinco repositions the Truth on Thursdays (third day of the week already occupied) and the end of MasterChef finished at two in the morning. We complain little

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The umpteenth lack of respect for the spectator

Telecinco premiered The Truth on Monday may after months announcing "its soon release" and shuffling dates according to what Antena 3. After three episodes, network passed its broadcast on Tuesdays, trying to save audience data. Three chapters later, Faithful Spectator, if Fidelity is part of audience today in a grid so changeable, you can see seventh episode this Thursday. Next, which is last of first part, we'll see.

The chain did not broadcast series last week as World Cup match between England and Colombia had an extension. The spectators who hoped to see sixth chapter (whose broadcast commentators of football match had been announcing in a drawling way as y usually do so irritatingly), did not find out until almost midnight (and that if y followed series or chain On social networks) that y could not.

Now, let's join this that Monday ended MasterChef 6 in 1, program followed by two and a half million spectators, with a final that unveiled name of winner of contest to... two in morning! Anor space that has changed day to taste of public chain, which, to keep its average of audience of month of June, one week decided to emit two deliveries (Monday and Thursday) without hardly notice and that also begins late (it is a public chain, I insist , and it's a supposedly family program).

All this, two details of a long list where y accumulate grievances of all chains for too long, is summarized in several disrespect: The Spectator, who does not know when y emit series that is seeing ( one who writes for months waits to see Seri It is of chains in open when y go to services in streaming weeks later), or that if it wants to see complete programs, it must lie down at dawn; To creators of series, from screenwriters to actors passing by anyone who has worked hard to offer best fiction possible; to advertisers. And chains mselves, who see ir image damaged and show little personality.

This is umpteenth time we wrote about this. We've been doing it for years. But it doesn't seem enough. The spectators complained little.

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