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' The Walking Dead ': 06: The King, the widow and Rick

We review what the chapter of this week has given of itself. Eye, there are spoilers.

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' The Walking Dead ': 06: The King, the widow and Rick

What happened this week in The Walking Dead? After a ceaseless and tremendously repetitive start, sixth chapter of eighth season has continued as fifth and has tried not to be so fast-paced and empty at same time. In fact, he has recalled more to or seasons, with an episode that has followed various plots, with more dialogue than action. Yes, as for action, we have seen one of most brutal (and fastest) deaths of recent times. We continue with our review of most interesting details of each episode and, incidentally, open debate so that fans have a space to comment. Each article is headed by number of chapter in question, and will only comment on what has happened until that chapter. One last warning: This entry contains spoilers.

-What happened this week?

The episode begins with a recount of what has happened so far in alliance's offensive against Negan. Through voice-over of Rick, Carol and Maggie we are reminded that re have been losses, but that attack has to continue, y have sanctuary cornered, among or things with zombies and that in two days everything should end.

King. In Kingdom, Ezekiel has locked himself in his chambers and does not allow Carol or anyone to see him. This reminds you that you have an appointment with Rick and you decide to go alone. But it is followed by Henry, one of children of kingdom. He decides to return and manages to speak with Ezekiel, who finds himself depressed and lying on ground with necklace of deceased in combat tigress Shiva. The King believes he has defrauded his subjects, but Carol, tears in middle, convinces him that he has to keep fighting.

widow. Jesus has made prisoners against everyone's opinion. The tension with him continues because he feeds m and re is little food left on Hilltop. Maggie throws it in his face. The discussion follows by paths of previous chapters. Maggie says y have to kill Negan and saviors. Jesus replies that if y win by executing everyone, what kind of future world y are fighting for. Maggie also faces Gregory, accusing her of being a coward and a traitor. The Hilltop leader just agrees not to execute prisoners, and even builds a fence inside enclosure so as not to have m tied out of fence. And he decides to include Gregory among prisoners, to his surprise. The leaders of captive saviors believe that y will not kill m and begin to think about how to take Hilltop. But Maggie has a plan, she wants to use m to swap prisoners. If you don't get it, you tell Jesus he can't leave you alive. Oh, and Aaron goes back to camp with baby y saved in one of savior attacks.

Rick. For his part he visits scavengers, alone, to achieve again an agreement despite betrayal of previous season. To convince m he tells Jadis and irs what y have done so far with saviors. And y threaten m: or y collaborate, or y destroy m. But y refuse and stay with Rick as a prisoner. The chapter ends with a picture of Rick locked in a dumpster.

rest. Daryl and Tara talk about Dwight. Tara promises you he'll end up killing you. Carl for his part returns to forest where he crossed at beginning of season at a gas station to a man who ended up fleeing. and finds it. He brings him food and drink. The man, who is called Siddiq (as one of characters in comic, although re seems to be much similarity at moment), distrust him, but accepts food. They are attacked by a group of zombies and end up, with difficulties, with all of m (as in old times of series, y missed). Siddiq tells Carl he doesn't want to go with him because Rick's not going to trust him. Carl tells him he has no choice.

In Alexandria, Michonne and Rosita, who have not seen much in previous chapters, go out in search of Rick. They meet in a warehouse with two saviors, with whom y face. And here, one of most brutal deaths of season. Rosita strikes one of m with a rocket launcher (or something similar, is not clear) being a few meters. When it looks like or one flees, Daryl and Tara show up and wind ir van with a truck. All gross in this plot. Daryl takes Michonne and Rosita to shrine to see how he's besieged by zombies.

-The character of week

Difficult choice in such a choral chapter. But we stayed with Rosita for her good doing with rocket launcher.

-The surplus plot of week

All that has surrounded sad Ezekiel and his bitterness for not corresponding to confidence of his subjects, Tiger included.


Human: 2

Zombies: 10

-In previous chapters ...

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