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' The Walking Dead ' 07: The time has come

We review what has given the chapter 07. Eye, there are ' spoilers '

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' The Walking Dead ' 07: The time has come

What happened this week in The Walking Dead? We approached end of first half of season. We are already in seventh chapter and yet it seems that action has not moved too far. In any case, and as expected, this is a chapter that seems to prepare for something fat. Even title points in that direction. As we continue to wait, we review most interesting details of each episode and, incidentally, open debate so that fans have a space to comment. Each article is headed by number of chapter in question, and will only comment on what has happened until that chapter. One last warning: This entry contains spoilers.

-What happened this week?

We will try not to lengn much, against what series is doing, that in everything we have in season does not seem to have advanced too much. The story is retaken at point where previous chapter ended, with Rick prisoner of scavengers. He insists on alliance to try to defeat Saviors despite betrayal of past. Jadis takes pictures of him. For what?

One of cores of chapter has been Eugene. We already confirm that he knows that Dwight is mole of saviors, but he still does not reveal to Negan that it is because he is still valuing his options. We also see Gabriel, who has an infection and is in bed. Eugene seems not to have much support within sanctuary, but he has main support, that of Negan, who tells him that he is second most important man in place. In a meeting between Eugene and Dwight, this second tells him it's true, he's working with Rick to get both his friends and men in sanctuary to survive and just die Negan. Eugene has a plan to keep zombies away from building: A plane with music that takes m in opposite direction to where y are. But Dwight shoots artifact and plan gets frustrated. Eugene's situation is becoming more and more complicated within sanctuary, especially because of its internal conflicts and pressure it is subjected to, which begins to pass bill in last minutes of chapter. We'll see if all this has any consequence.

On or hand, Daryl, Tara and Michonne (Rosita decides not to go because it continues defending plan of Rick) are directed towards sanctuary. Morgan reappears and offers his support from rear as a sniper. When y are at gates of sanctuary, Michonne turns around, I just wanted to check situation on its own. With Tara on foot, Daryl on a truck and Morgan in distance, y launch ir attack on sanctuary and allow zombies surrounding building to get in.

The chapter ends up returning to Rick and scavengers. Jadis forces Rick to confront several of his own and a zombie. He manages to get rid of everyone and immobilize Jadis. They end up accepting alliance. When you get to sanctuary, Rick finds a different situation than I expected because walkers have entered.

-The character of week

For better or worse, Eugene has been central character in this chapter. Will time (at last) be about to arrive? The situation of collapse after everything experienced in this episode and pressure that is subjected does not indicate anything good for him.

-The surplus plot of week

Can we also say Eugene's? Yes, we know it was center of chapter, but it is that character has long been left and refore ...

-Human and dead zombies count

As in previous weeks, we only count deaths that occur on screen:

Dead humans: 2.

Dead Walkers: 32 (re is a major killing, but on screen we have posted se approximately).

-In previous chapters ...

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