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' The Walking Dead ' 8: ' The damned '

We review what the chapter of this week has given of itself. Eye, there are spoilers.

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' The Walking Dead ' 8: ' The damned '

What happened this week in The Walking Dead? The second episode has left a lot of dead to point of almost losing count. Many shootings on several fronts, no news of Negan, and a tiger loose by forest who seems to know who can eat and who not ... And one conclusion: almost all are already professional assassins, and no one hesitates to kill. Anor week, we discuss most interesting details of each episode and, incidentally, open debate so that fans have a space to comment. Each article is headed by number of chapter in question, and will only comment on what has happened until that chapter. a warning: This entry contains spoilers.

-What happened this week?

The first episode served as an introduction of how Rick and his allies finally strike back with aim of annihilating Negan and his henchmen. This second episode is divided into four fronts, with an introduction to beginning and a similar ending. This introduction consists of close-ups of main protagonists at time of starting actions of this chapter. The end is same, but y are close-ups of same protagonists in situation where y end (for example, Ezekiel and Carol in intro are seen surrounded by smoke, in midst of battle and in conclusion are satisfied with goal fulfilled).

First front: attack on Communications centre ( satellite dish). Morgan, Jesus and Tara lead shot of this center where y will find medicines that were taken from Hilltop colony (including Maggie's prenatal tablets). At first y sneak in, killing vigilantes from outside with arrows. Inside we see a big gunfight. Jesus and Tara meet a man, who has urinated on himself, who says he is obligated re. Tara wants to execute him; Jesus to make him prisoner. It is one of mes of chapter: do we have to kill m all or should y be spared ir lives? "We are not here for vengeance." That can't be why, says Jesus. "Yes you can," she replies. In end it turns out that this man is not so innocent (you do not know how hard it is to pee on purpose, he says as if he were a comic villain unveiling his plans) and manages to make Jesus a prisoner. But between two end with him. The remaining saviors, cornered, surrender thanks to Jesus. Tara insists we have to execute m. And in this that appears Morgan, who had been given for dead in shooting. Morgan is no longer man who doesn't want to kill. On his way has ended with lives of many of Negan's henchmen. Until it is stopped by Jesus, who has already surrounded remaining.

Second front: Carol and Ezekiel look for a surviving savior of an ambush. They fear that from warning voice y are on ir way. They run through a village and end up in woods. Carol is pessimistic in general, Ezekiel, with one of those speeches of his, as eloquent as medieval, sees everything more optimistic. Finally, y find fugitive and who ends up with him? The tiger of Ezekiel that appears out of nowhere and loads it. Although that kills selectively begins to smell ...

Third Front: Rick and Daryl are looking for weapons in a big house. They kill anyone who crosses m. Rick meets someone he knows ... from first season! It is Morales (we do not know his first name), one of members of group formed on outskirts of Atlanta. He is one who left group, along with his family, before Rick and ors returned to city when y were heading to disease center to seek answers. We left Rick pointed with a gun for Morales and this calling Saviors ...

Fourth front: New incursion with cars with Mad Max against one of positions of saviors. This time he's captained for Aaron. There is a great shooting and everything is complicated because re are many dead people who begin to revive. Eric, also known as Aaron's boyfriend is wounded, but chapter ends without knowing to what extent it is serious.

-The character of week

The tiger. Although, as we have commented, appears from nothing always out of nowhere and is very selective when it comes to killing, why do you want a tiger in a series if not for something like that?

-The surplus plot of week

There's really nothing left in this week. The four scenarios have kept pace and have served to tell same story: Rick and his followers continue in ir eagerness to end saviors. And, although y are clear that y have to be relentless, re are doubts as to what extent ...

-Zombie and Dead human count:

As in previous weeks, we only count deaths that are produced on screen. Although with this chapter with so much shooting numbers are approximate.

Dead humans: half a hundred

Dead Zombies: A dozen

In previous chapters ...

The Walking Dead 8: Mercy


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