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' The Walking Dead ' Must Die

The ninth season next fall is unavoidable, but its zombies give no more of Yes

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' The Walking Dead ' Must Die
This critique contains Spoil ers about end of eighth season of The Walking Dead .

The Walking Dead must die. The ninth season of next fall is unavoidable, we know, but ir zombies do not give more of mselves. The actors seem tired, audience has halved (skimming data from first season) and, after years of lethargy, no one expects that ir plots are no longer living dead. Nor with new villains, crosses with or series or promises of a return to fundamental. A shot in head on time would have been necessary. Before inevitable, it's time to chop off his head. We don't want any more status quo changes that sell false hopes.

There are factors that never fail to realize that a series cannot give more of itself. I have gone through all phases in eighth season that has just ended. As I postponed sitting down to see her, accumulated episodes for winter. By putting me to it, however, I was distracted to flutter of a fly. I even saw a chapter twice, without falling to end that I had already been through that drink. I lost in plots for lack of attention and, when a character was dying between drama, I could only ask: "Who is this?". I don't care about anybody. That's problem.

The Walking Dead has never been a series of horrors and zombies, but about characters, relationships and ethical conflicts. When you don't identify yourself, you don't want heroes to live, you know something's wrong. Protagonists like Eugene and far Gabriel have been roaming over 60 episodes and yet screenwriters insist on keeping m alive. We just ask that exaggerated evil Negan kill everyone. If not, at least bad guy dies. Even that has denied us end of eighth season, a good episode that, despite promising destructive, ends up coitus interruptus. One more. We should not continue to rely on promises that it will not be able to fulfil, nor to see a series for two worthy episodes (beginning and closing) between 14 irrelevant.

Enlarge photo moment of Rick versus Negan, in comic.

What's more, ninth season promises development of plots that we will never get to see. Maggie Greene, so far loyal follower of team of Rick (Andrew Lincoln), presents himself as a new leader ready to question hegemony to avenge Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan). Well, if things don't change, actress Lauren Cohan will not return as regular in October. She required to equate her salary to her male co-workers, but producers refused to comply with her request. For now he has shot a pilot on ABC. If this were to end, we would paradoxically disallow one of few characters that still matter. Now that Danai Gurira is a Marvel heroine, as well as a respected playwright, we will see what takes Michonne to follow same path.

In end who best summarizes Walking Dead is Morgan, one of its protagonists, in one of his harangues about survival: "We are worse than we were. There is no hope. Let's finish this. "

Morgan, by way, and as it is hinted at end, moves from now to spin-off Fear Walking Dead accompanied by screenwriter Scott Gimpe, which many blame future of series (although it is actually quite true to comic). Hopefully this change of scenery does not shred production located in Texas, much more focused than its mor series, with interesting characters, a plot with fewer ramifications, cinematic taste and social conflicts that long ago Walking Dead Left behind. For her re is still hope.

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