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The year of the terror in Italy

The series 1993 continues the story of the years in the alpine country rebelled against the political class

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The year of the terror in Italy

The series 1993 continues story of years in alpine country rebelled against class policy

April 30, 1993, a crowd to doors of hotel Raphael, in centre of Rome, throw coins and bills of 1,000 lire to Bettino Craxi, a former prime minister, secretary-general of Italian Socialist Party (PSI) and a close friend of Berlusconi. The Parliament had just saved her from research of four of six accusations of illegal financing, and before that demonstrates passport will have fled to Tunisia. In same hotel, Leonardo Notte, protagonist of 1993, pronounces words of George Jacques Danton before being guillotined to inaugurate second season of fiction that launches Movistar Series (Thursday, 22.30, and on video-on-demand): “does it matter if I die, I have well spent my money , I did a good job, I have petted a lot of women. We go to sleep”.

The logical chronology of French Revolution would fit with era he lived in Italy: Revolution, terror and restoration. A period of decomposition in which were settled 50 years of Christian Democracy and citizens attended to rise of Silvio Berlusconi, an astute businessman who knew how to apply advertising strategy to policy and put country in service of ir business. Three years volarían by aires old regime and inaugurarían a laboratory of political magnates converted to presidents and populism of low intensity, 20 years advanced to rest of world: era of Bunga-Bunga. “It is true, we are vanguard of worst political” jokes Ludovica Rampoldi, screenwriter, 1993.

so Began a revolt against corruption on streets, which he carried while continuing to cook time in courts under baton of prosecutor Antonio di Pietro —key in that period and in series— in process of Mani Clean (clean Hands). The maximum exponents of political class were falling like dominoes, mafia and right wing planted streets of terror and bombs, The Norrn League grew to heat of your war-cry “Rome Thief” and just an old cheater milanés was able to read correctly void of power.

Inside black hole, in which Italy is preparing to change of regime, a star of tv, a pop-up member of Norrn League —in shadow still of Umberto Bossi, an assistant attorney Di Pietro and a young entrepreneur driven by mafia, y grab as y can to a world that hurricane of Second Republic —as it is known popularly to next stage of policy— is about to sweep. All Italy trembles in 1993. Least one person.

Berlusconi, a figure blurred and in background in 1992, is one of novelties of series. Rampoldi, who met with Il Cavaliere during preparations for new season, away from any judgment. “Is on eve of a big decision for him. Doubt much. He is a man used to winning, but feels that it could not re-pass. He is afraid of losing business if left wins, and decides to assume in first person battle”. Just moment in which protagonist of series, an ambitious publicist (played by Stefano Accorsi) who work for Publitalia ‘80, one of companies of a Berlusconi —led by Marcello Dell'utri, now in jail for crimes of association, mafia— begins to design new candidate.

But strength of Berlusconi real, a huge character in itself, is so complicated to transfer to fiction —Sorrentino is engaged in a similar business with his actor fetish, Toni Servillo— that it was better not to look for a clone. One of great achievements of series is, in addition, to get away from all moral judgment on his characters. Rampoldi, writer also of successful Gomorrah, account this process. “We have built a human portrait without prejudices, without thinking of Berlusconi that we know today: a successful entrepreneur in 3 months, set on foot a party and presented to elections. And that has to count as something euphoric, because protagonist is riding in this company”. After euphoria, Italy left street, went into living room and turned on tv.

The golden age of series Italian

Italy has moved in 10 years to adapt Spanish series to produce and export -1992 been sold to 100 countries— some of best products that can be seen on television today. The turning point was Romanzo Criminale, fantastic story in two seasons of Banda della Magliana. A criminal group that took control of criminality of Rome between mid 70s and early 90s and to which gravitated all of conspiracies recently. But n came Gomorrah, 1992, Young Pope... The next one to come will be Suburra, produced by Netflix, whose premiere is scheduled for 6 October.

One of keys of emergency seriéfila can also be found on stage which explains 1992, according to one of ir writers. “We now have a competition with us products forces you to increase quality. For 20 years it was not so, and bought formulas foreign, as if we didn't have ideas. Here television was a monopoly: tv of Berlusconi businessman and Berlusconi prime minister. So that re was a lot of experimentation”.


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