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' Three ads on the outskirts ' triumphs in Golden Globes

Hollywood takes advantage of the gala to launch a cry against sexual harassment. Guillermo del Toro gets the award for Best direction by the shape of the water

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' Three ads on the outskirts ' triumphs in Golden Globes
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From first second. From foreground of red carpet. No truce. The first Hollywood release this year, 75th edition of Golden Globes, was a great conversation about movement that has turned film industry around. The end of sexual harassment in industry, sex-for-work trade that women have suffered since Golden age, is underway. It was decided that black was color of solidarity with victims who had courage to speak, and that was color that dominated red carpet. It was added pins of Time is up and forceful statements to microphones. If anything leaves se Golden Globes, Hollywood is no longer smiling and silent. "We see you, we hear you and we will tell your stories," said Reese Wirspoon summing up moment.

The Gala presenter, Seth Meyers, had impossible work of making funny what is not funny and at same time is inevitable. "Those who have to submit or prize deliveries are looking at me as first dog to be sent to moon." His decision was to go for all. He mentioned producer Harvey Weinstein by name and said he "will be back in 20 years to be first person boo during In Memoriam segment." A sigh shrunk Beverly Hills Hilton Lounge. "Yes, it's going to sound like that." The laughter indicated that Weinstein has already died for this world. There were a lot more jokes about sexual harassment. His taste will be discussed, but Meyers spoke bluntly, on night that Hollywood decided to speak openly.

The dramatic film of year for Hollywood Foreign Press is three ads on outskirts, directed by Martin McDonagh and a powerful French McDormand in lead role. The Grand Prix of night was practically a coin in air. There were No safe bets. The ors were nothing less than Dunkirk, call me by your name, form of water and files of Pentagon. Anyone would have been a fair winner.

Guillermo del Toro, with Golden Globe for best director. LUCY NICHOLSON REUTERS

Despite not winning award for Best Film, Guillermo del Toro is best director of year for Hollywood Foreign Press Association, for shape of water. He is third Mexican director in this decade to collect this award, after Alfonso Cuarón and Alejandro González Iñárritu. The or two lengned ir success to Oscar in ir respective years. It is a great recognition for most radically original of three great Mexican directors who have launched cinema of that country. The shape of water is a personal fable about a love story between a woman and a water monster. The triumph is of most intimate imagination of Del Toro. "It's very nice to reward Mexican imagination, a unique point of view that we carry," he said in press room. "We must remember world that re is much to tell, and a very Mexican count." The shape of water is already an essential film this year.

In comedy, triumphed Aclamadísima Lady Bird, directed by Greta Gerwig, which tells story of a teenager wishing to break with her family and her native sacrament. Lady Bird is one of films best valued by popular critique (read Rotten tomatoes) in history. Its protagonist, Saoirse Ronan, won award for best actor of comedy to huge Margot Robbie in me, Tonya, or great competitor. Allison Janney was awarded as a high school in that film by a terrifying battering mor. It was year of women also in comedy.

The Lady Bird team, with best Comedy Awards and Best Actress, Saoirse Ronan, on right. KEVIN WINTER AFP

This was a year of women, both in faces and in stories that have shone most, but deserves special mention James Franco. After two decades of fighting in Hollywood, Spiderman's villain is at an astonishing moment. This Sunday he picked up a Golden Globe as lead actor in a comedy, The disaster Artist, which he also directs and produces. Franco is star in addition to last series of David Simon for HBO, deuce, in which he does a double role and also runs a couple of chapters. If yours is best performance (in front of Daniel Kaluuya in Get out) it can be debatable, but not that he is one of men of moment in Hollywood.

In women's year, most famous woman of show in America, Oprah Winfrey, picked up Cecil B award. From Mille to his entire career. Winfrey is a legend, not only for having triumphed as a woman but as a black woman. In an overwhelming speech that will live for years on YouTube, it drew a parallel between time when black community decided to stand up against institutionalized discrimination and what is happening in Hollywood with movement time is up and Me too.

"For too long women have not heard m or have not believed m if y dared to tell truth to power of men, but it is over," said Winfrey. "I want all girls who are watching me today to know that re is a new day on horizon. And when that day finally dawns, it will be thanks to many magnificent women, many of m here tonight, and some pretty phenomenal men struggling to be leaders who take us to a time when no one has to say ' I also never again '.

In category of drama actors re was hardly any doubt about Gary Oldman's triumph over his mighty Winston Churchill in darkest instant. Oldman, one of most celebrated actors of his generation, had never received a grand Prix from Hollywood. The real competition of night was in women's category, where Frances McDormand triumphed for three ads on outskirts. "I usually hush my politics," he said. "But it's been fun to be here tonight and see tectonic shift in our industry."

The coconut phenomenon had its first major recognition this year. The delicious Mexican fable of Pixar was awarded as Best animated film, but did not take best song to Remember Me, which is almost anor character. Coco director Lee Unkrich said on stage that film "would not exist without great people of Mexico and its tradition of day of dead. Thank you very much, "he added in Spanish.

The awards to television actresses came to replicate election that y did Emmys a few months ago. The two female faces of year on television are Elizabeth Moss and Nicole Kidman, who collected prizes for story of Maid and Big Little Lies, respectively. Laura Dern was awarded as a high school at Big Little lies. It joins group Rachel Brosnaham, to which we remember by House of Cards and which took prize for best actress of comedy by Marvelous Ms. Maisel. The trend was repeated with Sterling K. Brown, celebrated for his role in This is us.

The prize for best series was also for story of maid, dystopia on women slaves based on novel by Margaret Atwood who has relaunched Hulu platform in United States. And best miniseries is Big Little Lies. These are awards that Encumbraron to Transparent, Crown or Atlanta. This year, Golden Globes have broken with a certain tradition of discovering for first time big series for public, but only half. They leave us recommendation to see Marvelous Ms. Masel (Amazon), awarded as Best television comedy. They don't usually go wrong.

As always, Golden Globes are just a guide to knowing who will come to Oscars with prize options. The prize season just started on Sunday. For first time in years, re is no duel between two favorite clearings. The producers ' union, for example, has nominated no less than 11 films for ir prizes. There are so many different bets as specialized publications. But also as always, Golden Globes fulfilled ir function of telling us which are essential films of year. And those are shape of water, Lady Bird and three ads on outskirts.


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