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Torrijos declared ‘non grata’ two songs by “macho”

The City of toledo recommends to the DJ of the parties not to prick a subject of Maluma and another of Romeo Santos and the social networks suggest other letters

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Torrijos declared ‘non grata’ two songs by “macho”

The City of toledo recommends to DJ of parties not to prick a subject of Maluma and anor of Romeo Santos and social networks suggest or letters

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The campaign of Municipality of Torrijos (Toledo) against gender-based violence has sparked controversy. On eve of festivities of The Seed, Department of Social Welfare shared by social networks with a list of songs inadmissible because y are considered “macho”. In principle, recipients of this document were DJ's hired by Consistory to accompany celebrations, and included “only two songs”, according to mayor Anastasio Arevalillo: you're mine, singer of bachata Romeo Santos, and Four baby's, musician's colombian reggaeton Maluma. The purpose was "to suggest to m not to touch m" during upcoming celebrations of locality, has added Arevalillo.

however, from that list have been echoed by later media and citizens, calling for a direct ban of se songs. And that belonged to list to include topics of 80's and 90's in Spain, as Heart of chalk, Radio Future; I will kill, Loquillo; and it was jealousy, of The Union. However, mayor has wanted to deny both accusations. “There is No ban,” he emphasized, “but a recommendation that you do not touch”, and has assured that or songs “have been suggested by community and by media”. In words of Arevalillo, request of city Council is limited to issues of Maluma and Romeo Santos.

The selection of both songs has emerged of a notice of Women's Institute of Castilla-La Mancha. As part of its campaign against sexual assaults, “Without a yes, it's not!”, institution has advised local Government that letters contained messages of machismo. The me of Maluma, for his part, says: “I'm in love with four baby/I Always get what I want/Chingan, when I say/No gets me but you”. In turn, Romeo Santos sings: “Well you know/My mistakes/selfishness of owning your life/you're mine”.

The mayor, PSOE, says that y have decided to make that recommendation after reports that teachers of colleges of Torrijos will have to get. “Problems have been detected in social networks with students,” he says, in which y receive “pressures” until issues such as your dress. That is why have developed an entire campaign for feasts of The Seed, with purpose of raising awareness to community about this problem. Apart from songs non grata, city Council apportioned on napkins in bars, restaurants and beach bars with slogan “No is no”. And disseminate same message during concert that Carlos Baute offered in feast.

The alleged list no longer appears in social networks of Municipality of Torrijos. The mayor has refused to have it in his power, as he argues that this was developed by Department of Social Welfare, with which this journal has not managed to contact. Even so, Arevalillo has wanted to be accountable to media for controversy. The issue, he suggests, “is being pulled out of context”.

Arevalillo also wanted to clarify inclusion in list of topics for Radio Futura, Loquillo and The Union. “You have to place songs in context,” he explained. In his time, says, gender-based violence “were not evident as now.” On contrary, mayor believes that now “is also being a performance" that does not seem "logical”. In this sense, it is surprising that recommendation of your Government has caused such a stir, since y took as a reference “lists of or communities.”

In framework of festivities of town, which will be held this year from September 27 to October 1, Arevalillo has been argued that campaign of city Council against gender-based violence also includes a range of workshops. These spaces will be targeted especially to young people, both men and women. The boys, he says, must understand “that y can't control lives of girls”, and y, in turn, must know how to detect if you are being “victims” of violence.


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