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Two poets between Hawking heaven and the Land of inequality

The Ibiza Ben Clark and Argentina Luciana Reif collect the Loewe prize for poetry in Madrid

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Two poets between Hawking heaven and the Land of inequality

Two blows from that as foreign to poetry as present, accompanied delivery of Loewe awards this year. Ben Clark (Ibiza, 1984) lamented yesterday death of Stephen Hawking, without a doubt one of guardians who would fit in his award-winning poem, Celestial Police. Luiciana Reif (Lanus, Argentina, 1990), instead, accompanies with Zarpazo of a home away from me, unstoppable wave of protests for equal rights of women that took place last week in much of world.

The first tries to combine elusive coordinates that are needed to explain pinch that one feels in skin when contemplating universe: from depths of ocean to mirages of firmament. Reif, meanwhile, in young section, cultivates a furious and direct poetry, nothing rambling, more attached to earth and its deformities.

Of all that re was proof yesterday at Hotel Palace in Madrid with two poems y chose to read. Both are included in volumes that viewer publishes, as always, since prize was created 30 years ago. My son, poet, sounded in voice of Clark as a serene schism of memory and a homage of evocation to his progenitor. Luciana, at age of 28, accompanied him in farly inspiration with men like my far. But his verses whistled like a tunda of dissatisfied darts with world around him and with certain habits to discard in order of House. His book is an accurate adjustment of accounts that denounces who escaquea at time, at least, to scrub dishes.

"As Stephen Hawking said, we must look more at stars than on feet. To keep her away from screens, to rise up in those eternal lands of poetry, "said Ben Clark

That distance between two, as poets, is just one that goes from speed of light to bowels of Earth, it is clear to taste m. Both are brilliant, in ir disparate crossroads. Clark paid homage to Hawking, after being presented by Ignacio Elguera: "As he said, we must set gaze more on stars than on feet. To move away from screens, to rise in those eternal lands of poetry, such as time, death or only remedy that exists: love, "said Clark.

Reif does not need to climb more than mountain range of his pillow to claim that feeling on face of his beloved. Although test is disturbing, as poem shows again, a boy in my bed. He also seeks complicity in unknown neighbor: "We need to learn to love beyond ourselves. Collectively. Poetry teaches us all this, "he said upon receiving prize.

It was after hearing words of his generation partner, Elvira Sastre, 25 years: "I like what he writes in his dedication. To all women who dare to change course of history with stroke of ir biography, he says. I understand that some like her are succeeding. We are here, although history tries to cover us, "said young poet Segovia.

Meanwhile, to accompany, search for beauty remains. Both Sheila Loewe and her far, Enrique, creator and drivers both of a prize that in this edition received 706 manuscripts from 31 countries, had something more to celebrate in delivery yesterday. Three decades of an award that has become most prestigious within those that are dealt as private initiative in Spanish language. "I have thought a lot lately and I have come to this conclusion: poetry has changed me and our company," said patriarch. "We devote ourselves to luxury. That implies refinement, beauty. Poetry has provided us with sensibility, anor look, rigour in that constant search for that ideal. "


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