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Two Spains, the same blood

A grandfather of Cristina will fail was shot in 1936, the other was part of the firing squads. Now publish the story of your family in honoring your father and your mother

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Two Spains, the same blood

On December 5, 1936 Felix will fail, 35 years, married and with two children, stagehand of Teatro Argensola, was shot in cemetery of Torrente, in Zaragoza. He was not known political militancy. His family always thought that he mistakenly occupied place of his far, leader of UGT. They got along bad, y were called same. At that time, one of men in charge of firing squads was Pablo Sánchez, a two-metre ensign and Indian traits. Grandson of Mexican president Benito Juárez, collaborated with Gestapo and ended up reaching rank of colonel in Franco's army. After time, one day in 1957, he went to branch of his bank accompanied by his daughter Mary Jesus. They were introduced to a new employee. It was little son of Felix you will fail, he was three years old when his far was killed and he was called like him. Ten years after that meeting he married Mary Jesus. A year after wedding, his daughter Cristina was born.

For years, writer and journalist Cristina will fail (Zaragoza, 1968), who has decided to tell story of his family in honoring your far and your mor (anagram), did not know anything about his paternal grandfar. Her grandmor presentation, a "cargo mule" who worked as a child scrubbing floors, "ran out of husband" and that's it. At home There was no talk of war. "In that of my or grandparents, yes," says author in cafeteria at bookstore La Central de Madrid. "My grandfar Pablo, Francoist from top to bottom, was an officer of chivalry and Spurs hung on walls. Sometimes he would pull out a saber and say, ' n I nailed it to a red... ' We weren't asking anything. It was what it had to be. Sometimes my or grandmor came and re was never a rub. "

Cristina will fail, in a bookstore in Madrid. JAIME VILLANUEVA

Cristina Fallar, who has lived in Madrid for four years, studied journalism in Barcelona. There he met Vazquez Montalbán, who told story of Mexican part of his family, which she knew, laps that Sanchez Juarez gave to finish in Spain. "Write it now," said creator of Carvalho. "It was in 1992 and look how long it's been," she laments. "One day I started writing a novel about Juarez and it didn't work." And he began to wonder about his or grandfar. In 2014 he gave a track in a book by Julián Casanova about shooters in Zaragoza. The historian remembers consultation of you will fail. As he talks on phone, he consults a database "with 9,000 shot" and confirms data: "Here it is. Carpenter, 35 years old. Cause of death: skull fracture. The usual euphemism. " His remains were to stop at a mass grave, but his name appears in memorial built in cemetery to remind murdered re.

Julián Casanova recalls that in Nineties, families of executed "cried and thanked" to give m signs of ir dead but never claimed anything. "Many widows were sentenced to civil death and children were people without studies, descendants of workers and day laborers. They had internalized silence. It is grandchildren who have had access to education. They do ask. " Cristina will fail is a granddaughter twice and asked. "That Cercenen a part of your memory, it modifies you; Recovering it modifies you twice, "he says. His book, a masterful mixture of restraint and brutality, starts: "I called Cristina you will fail and I have gone out to find my dead." And it ends: "I'm not afraid anymore. Move living. " Did your parents read it? "Yes, because I use m. He wouldn't have published it without his consent. My mor told me, as she is: ' Cariñico, it's my family, but it's also yours, ' he recalls. And he adds, "I've managed not to judge m. As much as I judge myself. And not to me when I was a 12-year-old girl who was attending my family's home to humiliating scenes for my grandmor Presen, I judged me as an adult. I have had to meet almost 50 years to wonder where I come from and who I am: wher I am an intense, a clown, a whore or a writer.

You will fail not to judge " intimate" but " public". Should Francoism be judged? "Of course," even if it affects his maternal grandfar, and thus his mor? "And myself! Who had gigantic house I lived in before war, if none of my grandparents were from Zaragoza? We must judge crimes against humanity, but also Ibex companies that were enriched during francoism and continue to do so now. We will not be a cult country if we do not return to society what was stolen by a country of louts who did not read a book. I have written this for my children, so that we can look at each or's face. "

The ' Boar life ' that followed eviction

Cristina will fail recognizes that he would not have had strength to tell story of his family in blood and fire if in 2012 y had not been evicted from his home in Barcelona. Eight months pregnant, she was fired from DNA journal and was unable to pay mortgage. He told it in book-Chronicle to fucking Street (bronze, 2013). What he did not count is that he ended up living two years in a hut in La Floresta, in Collserola mountain range. "The walls were like this," he says, framing a piece of air about four centimeters between thumb and index. Right re, after that process of "radical impoverishment," he began to write honor your far and your mor. "Something has to get you very violently from comfort so that questions your own past and future comfort." The cabin had only one room. His children, 10 and 4 years old. "Sometimes y say y'd like to come back." You will return ', I answer m. It is hard to say, but his attachment to forest and that life boar is linked to coherence with which I tell m y have to live. Now our discomfort is difference between what I teach m and life we carry re. "

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