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Two unpublished pages of the ' diary ' of Anne Frank show their curiosity for sex

A digital photographic procedure allows you to discover your references to relationships and prostitution

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Two unpublished pages of the ' diary ' of Anne Frank show their curiosity for sex
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Pages 78 and 79 by Kitty, name given by Anne Frank to her first diary, with a red-box cover, which she received on June 12, 1942, for her birthday, were an enigma. With studs and paper glued on top, it was impossible to read m. Until now. Thanks to a digital photographic procedure, foundation that bears its name in Amsterdam has presented on Tuesday a few passages in which 13-year-old teenager wondered what she would do if someone asked her to instruct her on "sex issues." "How could I? That's answer, "he writes. They are reflections of ir age that shed new light on ir personality.

Both pages were discovered in 2001, when all of Anne Frank's manuscripts were scanned. They are dated September 28, 1942, when she had been hiding two months from Nazis along with her family and three or friends of her parents. They all lived in back of a house in channels of Dutch capital and anor acquaintance would arrive in November. Despite situation, "Ana does not lose curiosity of teenagers about sexuality," according to Ronald Leopold, director of foundation. And as girl had gifts for writing, she mixes jokes about what she imagines may be going on outside with her innermost desires. On first page, he announces that he thinks "to portray obscene jokes". Like this: "Do you know why re are girls of German armed forces in Holland? To serve as a mattress for soldiers. " The mockery produces some discomfort, given country's Nazi occupation, but shows that Ana was a child like ors. "This kind of dirty chances are classic of ir age, and it is impossible to avoid a smile when reading it," says Frank van Vree, director of Institute for Study of War, Holocaust and Genocide (NIOD, in its Dutch acronym), who has collaborated in work.

With sexuality, Ana gets serious. The second page asks unanswered question of principle. How could she answer a question about sex? Then he analyzes arrival of rule, towards 14 years, and its consequences, a subject that appears at anor time of text. "It's a sign that a girl is ready to have sex with a man. But that's not done before marriage. Later, yes. You can also decide [reafter] wher you want to have children or not. If yes, man throws himself on woman and leaves his seed in her vagina [here he uses a synonym that can be translated by pod]. Everything happens with rhythmic movement. " When couple decides to avoid children, " woman takes internal measures and that helps". "It may fail, of course, but if you really want children, sometimes it's not possible. Man likes se relationships and desires m; The woman somewhat less, but also. "

Anne Frank, in a photograph of December 1941. ANA FRANK Foundation

Prostitution and homosexuality also appear in se pages, naively. "If men are normal, y go with women. On street, re are women who talk to m and n y go toger. In Paris, re are very large houses for that. Dad's been re. Uncle Walter is not normal. There are girls who sell this relationship. "

The Huygens Institute for Dutch history has also participated in this effort, and its spokespersons point out that "Ana herself will most likely hit pages." Otto Frank, far, was only survivor of his family's holocaust. The mor and sister died, like Ana in concentration camps. In 1947, before publication of newspaper, he censored five pages in which girl talked about quarrels between her parents and difficult relationship with her mor. In 1998, y were added to an edition considered complete. The Diary of Anne Frank has been translated into 70 languages and published in 60 countries, according to its foundation.


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