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Unamuno, before the truth that peace

The author responds to the French hispanists Colette and Jean-Claude Rabat and insists in his version of the events occurred in the auditorium of the University of Salamanca in 1936

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Unamuno, before the truth that peace

Since professors Colette and Jean-Claude rabate dedicate half page of country of May 27 to Glosse a few words of mine, transcribed by Sergio del Molino in his report of May 8 titled What Unamuno Never told Millán Astray, I have no choice but to Interv Enir. It is, in particular, that Sergio of mill quotes as textual words of mine that Act of October 12, 1936 in auditorium of University of Salamanca was "brutally banal", an expression that has not liked professors Rabat and make of it axis of his argumen Without referring at all to most important feature of Sergio del Molino's report: My research titled Archaeology of a Myth, where I show with sufficient force that so-called "canonical version" of October 12 Act, focused on long speeches of Millán Astray and De Unamuno, is a literary invention of Luis Portillo Perez, published in 1941.

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But let's go for parts. On October 12th was celebrated on day of race, one more of acts that truffled academic calendar: The opening of course, Academy of Saint Thomas, homage to Saint Teresa of Jesus, conferences of Ateneo Salamanca, literary evenings in homage to Glo Local RIAs... Acts in which speeches could be earful, abstruse or edifying, but seldom interesting and enjoyable. Banal acts. The act of day of race of 1936 would have been just as boring as ors but it was because Spain was mired in civil war, and that in Salamanca had installed general headquarters of Generalissimo Franco, elected head of state a few days before. Due to this circumstance, Unamuno presided over Act on behalf of Franco and was accompanied at presidential table by Carmen Polo and by General Millán astray.

The rector and military professed a strong mutual antipathy for many years, and Unamuno was very much affected by finding that since military uprising had taken terror of Salamanca to a repression without a brake that had cost life Hundreds of men, killed in field by irregular patrols of falangists and right-wingers under control of Civil Guard and military authorities, and who had taken to prison several hundred more. In this atmosphere of tension, after enervantes interventions of several speakers (not Millán astray), Unamuno improvised a speech to denounce ideas of uncivil war, hatred and anti-Spain emanating from nationalist side, which was answered by Millán astray with a "die traitorous Intelligentsia!", followed by a brief and exalted speech justifying uprising, which caused a serious tumult, given presence in auditorium of many armed men and very politically motivated.

Unamuno, with a beard, leaving auditorium of University of Salamanca after clash with Millán astray, on October 12, 1936. Efe

Then Carmen Polo, Millán Astray, Unamuno and bishop left auditorium and were formally dismissed at door of university, as was collected in famous photo that illustrates, for example, article of Rabat, photograph that "is most repeated and Dramatized by some commentators who have interpreted disorder around Unamuno and greeting of falangists as marks of hostility. In fact, Unamuno, who occupies central part of photo in company of Bishop Plá and Deniel, does not seem to be pushed or threatened by an audience composed of Requetés, legionaries, falangists and peasants, among whom few women appear. Some are cheering to Millán astray, accompanied by his own personal guard, who has just gone up to same car as General Franco's wife. Unamuno seems absorbed and perhaps excited by violence of howls of young falangists within auditorium. " The war had turned a banal act into an act of brutal verbal violence, which for Unamuno had serious personal consequences (who could deny it?).

Unamuno was very affected by fact that, since military uprising, terror of a repression without a brake had been seized from Salamanca.

However, in archaeology of a myth, I do not attempt to rebuild what Unamuno said, nor how act was passed, but on contrary: I show that "canonical version" does not correspond to reality. I show that "journalist Luis Gabriel Portillo" is actually Luis Portillo Pérez, professor of civil law at University of Salamanca. I show that Portillo was not an eyewitness to auditorium Act because he spent entire war in Republican zone, and n went out into exile, refuge in England, where he published in 1941 story Unamuno's Last Lecture, translated into English by Ilse Barea, In which Portillo makes a dramatic evocation of act of auditorium, without desire for historical recreation, which was confirmed by his son Michael Portillo (The Guardian, May 11, 2018). And I show that Unamuno's Last Lecture was copied almost to letter by Hugh Thomas and Ricardo de la Cierva in ir stories of Spanish Civil War, giving rise to a mythicized version and far from reality of act of October 12.

My research, which is available for free at, has been widely disseminated and no one has pointed out a single error. I show that Portillo was invented from end of Millán Astray's speech, and that nobody criticizes it, but if I affirm that speech of Unamuno was also invented, n it falls on me a rain of disqualifications and I am accused of being playing extreme Derec Has. Or even worse, of being a librarian.

In my study I show that Portillo was invented from Cabo to tail Millán Astray's speech

In a novel, a film, a play, you can put whatever you want, but in a historiographic investigation you have to stick to objective data. Which, on or hand, does not affect prestige of Unamuno at all. The rector gave, it is true, "a lesson of bravery, of humanism and civic Dignity" (Rabat), but he is made a disservice by putting in his mouth phrases he never uttered, just because y seem more epic.

Before truth that peace, said Unamuno.


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