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Was Jesus the Master of Justice Essene?

The Vatican panicked when studies of the manuscripts found near the Dead Sea began

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Was Jesus the Master of Justice Essene?

The Vatican panicked in 1947, when studies of hundreds of religious context manuscripts found in caves near Dead Sea in town of Qumran (West Bank) belonging to religious sect of Essenes. Many of m had been written in first two centuries of Christianity. The fear of church was that Jesus could have been founder of sect of Essenes, called Master of Justice, which made originality of Christianity wobble.

It was feared that Christianity could have been just historical continuity of Essenes community. The spirits were calming to extent that manuscripts were being translated in Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek and appeared to be transcription for community of whole books of Bible, ological discussions and rules of monks.

The manuscripts placed, however, questioning of extent to which community of monks all Jews and circumcised, belonging to an elite of society, very critical of orthodoxy of Pharisees, could have influenced doctrine of Jesus Transmitted in four canonical gospels. Would Essenes, in fact, be fars of Christianity?

Today we know that life and teachings of Jesus distanced light years from religious idiosyncrasy of community of Essenes, even though it is possible that some of precepts of those monks could have inspired some behaviors of Jesus , like harsh criticism of Pharisees or of putting all goods in common. Backwards, y differed in that Essenes were all celibate, while Apostles were all married, probably same Jesus.

But if re is something that radically distinguishes master of Justice from Essenes and his monks from Jesus, it is way to place himself in front of excluded from society. While an undeniable trait of Jesus was acceptance and even preference in his kingdom for excluded (poor, sick, crippled, demonized and prostituted), in monastic rules of Essenes was written, for example, following: "Every idiot or madman, All simple and stutterer, those whose eyes do not see, lame or wobbly, deaf and child, none of m will enter community. "

While Essenes were an elitist community, for chosen flawlessly and with fear of sexuality, followers of Jesus were a handful of illiterates who embraced all that society well rejected and did not despise, joys of life.


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