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' Westworld ', artificial intelligence shoots first

The creators of the series, whose last chapter of the second season airs today HBO Spain, claim to have thought the end of the enigmatic fiction

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' Westworld ', artificial intelligence shoots first

Westworld is a series of complex plots, which requires concentration. It's not until end of your seasons when you understand certain things. That's how it's thought, not that y've done it wrong. It is a story that progresses slowly and in which are emerging riddles that feed of ories social networks. "We have answers for almost all unknowns," says Jonathan Nolan, creator of HBO's fiction with Lisa Joy. And yes, from beginning y had thought of an end, but still do not know how many seasons will be. The second installment of sci-fi series ends today with tenth chapter, in which some mysteries will be revealed to open up new questions.

In a me park set in far west, robots that seem human are programmed to interact with visitors and offer m everything that in real life is illegal and immoral. There you can kill and you can violate se humanoids, called hosts, without consequences. Until y rebel, as happened in original film of 1973, Souls of Metal, written and directed by Michael Crichton, also author of novel Jurassic Park, anor matic place where technology causes chaos.

Trailer of second season of ' Westworld '.

"What you see here about artificial intelligence is a long way from what we have today. The plot is located decades in future, but in terms of wher series is realistic, I do not think we see artificial intelligence in a me park anthropomorphic of this style. For us it is fascinating as a starting point to tell a story about sin and human nature, but I do believe that we will see forms of artificial intelligence that will supply our desires and our narcissism, especially in video games, "explains Nolan, author also with his bror Cristopher of scripts of films like Origin or The Dark Knight.

If first season focused on showing how this park is and how artificial intelligence can become aware of what it is, second installment treats issues like past and memory and also plays a lot in ir storylines over time and flashbacks. "Hosts are programmed to feel and believe that y are human, but in truth y are not, y are not organic, y are computers [that are reused and reprogrammed when y die in park]. One of interesting things about human memory is its degradation. The things you remember from your childhood or even last week are not accurate, y are not a perfect photograph. Changes over time, details are lost. The hosts aren't like that. They are computers that store data, ir memories are perfect, ' explains Joy. "Dolores [one of hostesses who rebel to be aware of what it is] has no idea in what order images are coming, but we want to play with idea that if you could experience each memory in such a complete way, what would that do for your conception of time?" , tops producer.

Zahan McClarnon as Akecheta (right) in eighth chapter of second season of ' Westworld '.

The second season comes to an end with a longer-than-normal chapter. And a third installment is already secured. If you have thought about how series will end, how many seasons does this story of rebellion need? Both producers, who also form a marriage, smile in unison. "Better not offend TV gods by saying it. You never know how much time you have on TV, it depends on or people, and meanwhile we have se specific points to which we want to get examined different stories of hosts, "replies Joy.

"It's good to have a project on paper when you get to tell a long story of this type and you have obligations towards spectators to answer questions, but one of good things about working on television is that re is an organic quality in process , you meet an actor you didn't know, or a chemistry between two characters you didn't expect. You have to be attentive to things that arise that lengn or shorten, but having a master plan is important and for most part we have adhered to it so far, "Nolan concludes.

Video games

To prepare Westworld, Nolan again saw original film starring Yul Brynner. Joy, for her part, has never seen her. "That has been key to create series," says producer, J for different points of view provided. For Nolan, film is full of good ideas. "Maybe too many for a single film," he says.  "The iconography is fantastic, and it is full of ideas that were very much ahead of ir time. If you consider fact that Michael Crichton is essentially anticipating without knowing what would be contemporary video game industry, with games like Grand Theft Auto or Red Dead redemption [game that has inspired me park of Westworld], with worlds where all characters are re to provide player with narratives. "

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