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What can you do?

If anyone can afford to dare to do something they are ' The Simpsons '

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What can you do?

"Something that started decades ago and was applauded and harmless, is now politically incorrect. What can you do? "says Lisa in penultimate episode of The Simpsons broadcast in U.S., fifteenth of season 29. It is a nothing-veiled reference to documentary The Problem With Apu, in which American comedian Hari Kondabolu, fan of series, talks about how this character is little more than a racist stereotype.

One of reasons why The Simpsons have been able to stay on antenna for almost three decades is that when it comes to cartoons, characters don't grow up and y don't have to change. For example, Homer is always same age and for that reason he has starred in episodes of Youth in years 70, in 80 and even in 90, with grunge band included. And nobody cares about canon.

But this can also be a drawback. For example, as Lisa admits, Apu is practically same as in first episodes, even though society has changed. It is true that this character is not an exception in a series that laughs at everything, but, as Kondabulu himself points out, perhaps writers might strive to keep laughing at power and not so much of an immigrant.

Even if we disagree with this idea, answer to series is Blandísima: "What can you do?" This pusillanimity is especially annoying because it's The Simpsons. The series will continue to give money decades after y cancel, which I hope will not happen until after my death. If anyone can do what y want y are. They could defend ir character and mock criticism or, on contrary, reflect social changes in ir jokes and scripts.

And that might be The Simpsons problem. They no longer risk mselves as y would have done a few seasons ago and prefer to shrug ir shoulders. They hide behind Lisa, someone who would not hesitate to take sides even if she knew she was going to lose battle.

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