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When his grandson died, he was 58 years old.

The 58-year-old Fatma Hatipoğlu, who lost his grandson in a car accident, dreamed of being a hafiz, was a memory of the 1.5 years. Stating that his wife was a teacher, Hatipoğlu said, ' I have been working hard. '

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When his grandson died, he was 58 years old.

Fatma Hatipoğlu, who is director of Koran course, with help of his wife Ahmet Kemal Hatipoglu, has resorted to provincial mufti to obtain his document. Fatma Hatipoğlu'nun Despite age of effort to be in society to create an example of Quran by mufti of Central Mosque of Yenikbosna ceremony was held.

At ceremony, Istanbul Mufti preacher Birsen Kapicioğlu presented certificate of appreciation with memory of Hatipoglu.

"I found Qur'an in reading Quran"

The Hatipoglu said his wife and two sons were Hafez. Fatma Hatipoğlu, his grandson Ahmet Anın'in thanks to imam of far, Quran began to read Quran, good read, prayed for memory of his grandson, and expressed dreams.


Hatipoglu, grandson of four-year-old 9. By expressing that he lost his life by falling from floor, "If I could not fulfill my dream for my grandson, I thought I'd be a memory. I've been working with my wife's support. I was devastated when I lost him. I found solace in reading Holy Quran, "he said.

I've done my work and studied Koran. My teacher was my wife. With support of my family, my night spent 1.5 years, my day went through Quran. I worked hard and managed to be my memory.

"In a way that is memory of Quran."

The memory is a great boon for itself, now that he has been exemplary to young people and expressed a great joy in this, Hatipoglu said:


"If a man strives, he can be anything he wants. Now teenagers are having a hard memory. It's not a very difficult situation. If a 58-year-old person can be a memory, children and teens could be much easier. Because ir memory is cleaner, clearer. They have to be, and y must be memory. Because Qur'an makes you a good moral. The memory of God is to carry name as an adjective. In a way that is a memory, it's like a live Quran. "


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