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Where and when to see the Emmy awards 2017

The hours to follow the awards of american television, the red carpet and the ceremony

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Where and when to see the Emmy awards 2017

The time to follow awards of american television, red carpet and ceremony

The gala of delivery of 69th Emmy awards is already warming up. The most coveted prizes of television was delivered on Sunday night (Monday morning hours Spanish) at a gala held in Theatre Microsoft Los Angeles to be presented by comedian Stephen Colbert. Before, stars of small screen parade red carpet. Where and when you can watch Emmy 2017?


Movistar + will emit in exclusive 69th edition of Emmy awards in early hours of Sunday 17 September to Monday 18. From 00.30, Movistar Series Xtra (dial 12), Movistar Premieres (dial 31) and #0 (dial 7) will be able to follow a special pre-gala that will include red-carpet official.

To 02.00 (hours peninsular Spanish) will start awards ceremony, which will see Movistar Series Xtra and Movistar Premieres. On Monday 18th, at 22.00, Movistar Premieres will issue a program summary with best moments of gala.

united States:

The Emmy awards, relays each year, one of four major chains in U.s. open. This year it is turn of CBS. The ceremony starts at 17.00 hours on west coast and 20.00 on east coast. An hour before will connect with red carpet.

Latin america:

In Mexico, broadcast of red carpet will start at 18.00 on channel TNT (unlike previous years, when it was Warner Channel in charge of relay). The ceremony will start at 19.00. In Ecuador, Peru and Colombia applies same schedule.

In Argentina and Chile, carpet will start at 20.00, followed by ceremony at 21.00, also on TNT.

For Venezuela, radio station is also TNT and time, 19.00.


THE COUNTRY has prepared a full coverage which you can follow on website of journal and that will start to midnight with live monitoring of red carpet and, starting at 2.00, everything that happens in gala of delivery of Emmy awards. In addition, authors of blog series of THE COUNTRY's Fifth Season will comment with readers in a Facebook Live special favorites for awards. Twitter accounts and Facebook Fifth Season will also remain up to minute everything that happens during night.


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