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Who can kill a child?

Shared custody, Meritoriamente directed by Xavier Legrand, starts with something unfortunately routine judicial process to achieve custody of children

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Who can kill a child?

Shared custody

Address: Xavier Legrand.

Interpreters: Denis Ménochet, Léa Drucker, Thomas glory.

Genre: drama. France, 2018.

Duration: 93 minutes.

It is intolerable to witness suffering of children, ir crush, ir terror. And no one in his right mind would certify that all of m are angels, we know that sometimes y can be cruel among m, abusing weakest, fattening mercilessly with those who suffer physical or psychic. But y also represent extreme vulnerability, absence of guilt, threatened innocence. The images of barbarism that have most startled and unleashed tear on any human being or than a son of a child are that of a Vietnamese calf running around in napalm, vulture stalking a malnourished and agonizing creature in a village in Sudan and corpse of A Syrian child victim of a shipwreck on a beach in Turkey.

The most brilliant portrait I have seen in cinema of helplessness, dread and survival capacity of childhood is night of Hunter. A boy and his little sister flee in night, through rivers and forests, of an ogre on horseback and dressed in black that carries tattooed in his hands words love and hatred. He is his diabolical stepfar, he has slit mor, he wants to steal his inheritance, his life and his soul. An energetic old, surrounded by geese and lost children, will exert a protective angel at end of his terrified way confronting monster.

The French film shared custody, Meritoriamente directed by beginner Xavier Legrand, initially speaks of something as frequent and unfortunately routine as a divorce and consequent judicial process to obtain custody of children. It is a very long sequence in which lawyers of two parties use verbal fencing before judge to get best part in custody of ir children. And I share opinion of a friend that in that getting orientated in which litigants remain silent re is a casting failure. The appearance of him is menacing, that of her overly candid. From re it is narrated a progressively disturbing story that ends in a state of pure terror.

Of course, everyone suffers in se sinister things and has ir reasons. Even stubborn beast, unable to admit definitive shipwreck of his marriage, estrangement and fear that his children feel towards him and that which was his wife. And I regret ordeal of this and adolescent daughter, but what strikes me most is crying, horror and paralysis of little boy. His mor and sister have defenses, also men who love m, but emotional wear of child, his continued fear of volcanic explosions of far, permanent threat that beats in him provoke me pain and piety.

It is a rough, uncomfortable film, without sentimental concessions, with a voluntarily earthy tone, attached to reality. And you get shiver of scary statistic that this offers you. That it is repeated in any place appearance of crazed or cold savages who assassinate ir couple and children who begat exercising most sadistic revenge. And n y commit suicide or try it. And you could understand motives of ir desperation, that y feel finished losing ir own. I mean, kill m. which can be as reasonable as it is tragic. But leave ors alone. They're not desolate people. They are embodiment of evil.


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