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You have Amazon television, and you don't know it.

Some 560,000 Spaniards have the platform, above the most present HBO, according to the CNMC

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You have Amazon television, and you don't know it.

560,000 Spaniards can watch Amazon television. It is third platform with most followers according to data of CNMC. Ahead of seemingly omnipresent HBO and just behind Movistar and Netflix. Then why don't you talk about your series? Why doesn't it look cool to say you have it? It may happen that many people have it and don't even know it.

The platform is included in Amazon Prime package. If you are a preferred partner, you want to bring home purchases and books arrive in a limited time, you can also see it. But it is possible that no one has informed you. So it happens to many who I have reported in person. They paid yearly 20 euros, but communication from online store had failed miserably. It almost sounds carelessness organized, because this is not ir first market. They just have to be. They care so little of promotion that even have to make efforts to find out when y launch ir news.

Nor does Amazon have a sign to stand out against competition. nor a flagship product to advertise as a Game of Thrones. Yes, wonderful Lady Maisel won Golden Globe for Best comedy (deserved) and Looming Tower, on war between CIA and FBI in anticipation of 11-S, is an unbeatable acquisition in Spain. And that is not to mention Bosch, Fleabag, this is us, Mozart in Jungle... and classics such as Parks and recreation, Office, SHIELD, damages or Seinfeld. But, among many crappy movies and his strange headliner ( car show Grand Tour), is missing that personality that takes m beyond being platform for when re is nothing to see.

Something's changing re, though. Jeff Bezos has understood that y did everything wrong and re is new strategy: Superproductions. They've spent 250 million on securing a series of Lord of Rings. It is a risky bet (will be for money...) But if it works, 600,000 Spaniards who have Amazon, at least know y have it.


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