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60% of PSC voters want an agreement with citizens and PP

Eight out of ten Catalans want to find a government formula that restañe the wounds

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60% of PSC voters want an agreement with citizens and PP
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In recent months re have been many expressions that have indicated that in Catalonia independence process has caused a deterioration of relations in families, groups of friends and co-workers. Although independenceists are often more reluctant to admit this situation, survey of Metroscopia for country indicates that will to find a government formula that restañe wounds reaches 80% of Catalans and is also majority among voters of independence parties.

Only 24% want to continue with ' procés '

Although it is not safe for correlation of forces in new Catalan parliament to change completely, majority of Catalans want to park independence process that began in 2012 under tutelage of former president Artur Mas. Only 24% of respondents want to move forward with groundbreaking strategy. Obviously electorate of constitutionalist parties does not want it, but it also reflects a great deal of fatigue between independence. Continuing strategy of last five years only seduces 56% of voters of CUP and 58% of those of Junts per Catalunya, list of former President Puigdemont. In case of ERC Procés supporters reach 63%.

However, it is among partisans of constitutionalist formations where this desire is most noticeable. Virtually all voters of citizens (99%) and PSC (96%) believe it necessary for a government whose priority is to re-establish coexistence. At or extreme, although also with majority percentages, voters of CUP (58%) and those of Junts per Catalunya or ERC (two out of three) are inclined by this formula, but without indicating which parties should be part of this coalition.

The Catalans and Catalan parties know that work that will come after elections of December 21st is to restart a government after having been dismissed until 27 October pursuant to article 155 of Constitution.

The main novelty of se elections is great mobilization that is intuited in Constitutionalist bloc. This makes many of ir voters think already of a possible coalition of citizens, PSC and Partido Popular. In total defend this formula of government 35% of Catalans, being 100% of PP motivated in this regard. 91% of citizens ' voters are also betting on this route, while a prominent 60% of PSC voters would support this formula.

In any case, search for a negotiated solution will appear, with different formulas, both in programs of new PDeCAT brand, Junts per Catalunya, and ERC. And its voters mostly endorse this path. The only ones that are severely divided — to 50% — would be CUP's. All of this does not imply that independence has been diluted. Despite falling in intention of vote, 40% of Catalan population continues to bet on a government formed by ERC, Junts per Catalunya and CUP or, failing that, by those Parties that want to move forward with independence process, whatever y are (39%).

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The last formula of government in degree of preference would be a triparty of left with Republican will, PSC and Catalunya in Comú, reference party of We can in Catalonia. This coalition would support 32% of Catalans. They only support it in a majority (85%) voters of Catalonia in Comú and hardly arouses interest in one third of socialist voters.

The expectations of strategy change are high. 56% of respondents believe that governs territorial issue will be attempted to resolve through agreement. The majority of voters of constitutionalist forces think it, but also those of Republican elect (54%), favorite party to win next elections. The supporters of platform of Carles Puigdemont, Junts per Catalunya, and of CUP, are less supporters of this way and only consider a viable agreement 42%. Evidence thus state of mind of independence fact that only voters of CUP create mainly (54%) that will try to continue with independence process.

After months of unilateral decisions on part of independence, re is also a wide popular acceptance of a possible government formed by Parties that focus on seeking a "solution negotiated with Government of Spain." They bet on this formula all voters of Catalonia in Comú, whose flagship proposal has always been agreed referendum, and also a vast majority of voters of PSC, PP and, to a lesser extent citizens (75%).

Bad political and economic situation

With half government in pre-trial detention for crimes of rebellion, sedition and prevarication and five or members fled in Brussels, 80% of Catalans believe that political situation can only be valued as "bad". This pessimism is also reflected in perception of economic reality of community. 54% considers it bad even though indicators until September were all positive.

74% of PSC electorate, 81% of Cs and 83% of CFP define economic situation as bad. And so does majority (57% 36%) of electorate of Catalonia in Comú.

instead — and it should be expected that as a result of a voluntarism more or less conscious but, in any case, immune to how much in this area has been happening since first of October — seven out of ten potential voters of ERC, Junts per Catalunya and CUP define as The current economic situation in Catalonia is good.

That yes, only 29% of voters believe that Catalans have been "sufficient" informed of consequences of independence.


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