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A murder of the high society

A year after the crime of María del Carmen Martínez, widow of the former president of the CAM, his son-in-law, only suspect, is still investigating for murder and pending trial

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A murder of the high society

A war fratricidal by control of a business empire. Family intrigues in high society of provinces. This is background of crime of María del Carmen Martínez, widow of president of Savings Bank of Mediterranean Vicente Sala, matriarch of clan, which this December 9 is one year. One of sons-in-law of victim, Miguel Lopez, only suspect, remains investigated for murder and illicit possession of weapons, pending a trial with a jury that could never be celebrated. At this stage of process, still in course of instruction, re are those who predict that case will be filed by weakness of evidence.

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The alleged murderer spent 39 days in pre-trial detention, after paying a bail of 150,000 euros. The police are convinced that it was he who descerrajó two shots to blank his mor-in-law that Friday in fall, about 18.30 hours, in car wash of Novocar, concessionaire owned by room that he ran himself. Police investigation, as summary contains, brings a score of incriminating evidence against him, but no direct proof. The agents have not found biological remains that correspond to ir genetic profile at scene of crime. Nor has murder weapon appeared, a pistol of beginning of twentieth century with hand-modified bullets.

The police hyposis, which prosecution has done, claims that Miguel López tested murder of his mor-in-law four days earlier in same place where he thought Tirotearla. Intended to avoid so woman, of 72 years, cediese his son, Vicente Jesus Sala, firstborn of saga, so-called Golden Action of Samar International SL, which gave him power of decision in jewel of crown of family group, a multinational sector of Plastic that billed 240 million euros in 2016.

The entrepreneur and his mor formed a homogeneous block within family, enmity with which y integrate or three daughters of former president of CAM (Mar, Eva Fuensanta and Antonia), ir respective husbands and ir children. The tension had been shot in months preceding death of matriarch, in two meetings of shareholders held in June and August. In first, three sisters, with same representation separately as ir bror and ir progenitor, had dismissed former as Chairman of Board of Directors. In second, María del Carmen Martínez had asserted gold action to cede it, as her husband, his son, who appointed Samar's sole administrator, wanted to do.

Vicente Sala Bello, far, a businessman made to himself, died on August 23, 2011, after occupying presidency of CAM eleven years (1998-2009) and bequeathing his family a flourishing business emporium built from Spanish resin company. In his will, patriarch shared his actions in holding of his wife and four children equitably, but she bequead controversial action of gold, Social participation number 1, to use it trust form until his own death , when he would pass into hands of his firstborn.

The judicial war held by Vicente Sala son and his three sisters has been escalated since murder of his mor. The son of Maria del Carmen, administrator of Samar, exerts particular accusation in criminal process for crime and came to ask that his bror-in-law stay away from him within family estate that all brors share in district Alicante of Holy Face. The three girls are also in process as an indictment, although y have only spoken through ir lawyer on an occasion to ask that Miguel López, husband of Eva Fuensanta, small one, be immediately exonerated.

At same time, both parties have crossed lawsuits in civil and commercial jurisdictions related to paternal will and control of gold action. In context of one of se lawsuits, a magistrate refused a few days ago to provisionally prohibit sisters from transmitting actions in favor of ir husbands and children, as firstborn was asking.

One year after murder that concited media attention across country, doubts about case's judicial outcome persist. The Alicante continue to talk about crime in cafes and friends ' meetings, looking for parallels between Sala family and Marques de Urquijo or Falcon Crest script. Opinions often disagree about authorship of assassination, but y always coincide in a pessimistic, when not compassionate, view of moral misery that can be nested in high spheres. In high dirt, as he baptized in one of his songs Argentinian musician Andrés Calamaro.


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