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A position of ERC on the candidates for counselor: The one with the fattest boobs

A recording brings to light a sexist conversation between the former secretary of the Catalan treasury and a collaborator about the requirements that the education holder must meet

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A position of ERC on the candidates for counselor: The one with the fattest boobs

The public Mirror program, Antena 3, has brought to light a conversation between Lluís Salvadó, deputy in Parlament and former secretary of Finance and number two of Oriol Junqueras (ERC), and anor unidentified person in which y speak in an unpleasant tone and Macho about putting a woman in front of Education Department: The one with fattest boobs, says Salvadó. In beginning, it was said that or person was Josep Maria Jové, former secretary general of Vice-presidency but ERC, party to which both Salvadó and Jové belong, has denied that it is him.

The conversation, which has already been deleted from website of program, abounds in derogatory and sexist phrases between constant laughter of two interlocutors. "Is Puigdemont's wife not Romanian? I suppose she will agree, "says unknown character in a moment. "They are looking for a Romanian, via woman of Puigdemont, or a Brazilian, who are Resultonas," replies Salvadó.

Converse in proper Absolut. Excuse me d'entrada i sortida. It is not amb in Jové, is Amb a amic to month of July. És L'enèssima conversa amb familiars i friends filtered by police who res tea to veure amb cause. Presentem denunciation per protect intimitat of third persons Https://

— Lluís Salvadó (@LlSalvado) March 9, 2018

The two involved discuss difficulty of finding women to take up positions of political responsibility. "Finding women is an impossible mission," says Salvadó 's interlocutor. "It's easier to open an auditorium than to find women." Then Salvadó itself provides a solution, in most rancid and derogatory sexist tone: Well, look, one with fattest boobs you give it and that's it. And you stay so wide. "

Lluís Salvadó has shown his arrepentiemiento in a message on Twitter: "Conversation at all appropriate. Apology in and out. It is not with Jové, it is with a friend in month of July. It's umpteenth conversation with family and friends filtered by police that has nothing to do with cause. We filed a complaint to protect intimacy of third parties. "

Marta Rovira, Secretary general of Esquerra, has regretted facts, classifying m of inappropriate and stressing that "do not correspond to idea of ERC." Rovira added in anor message on Twitter: "At same time, we will study appropriate legal actions before constant leaks of this type of private conversations and premeditated political use that of m Government of State makes to go against a Specific political option ".


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