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Algeciras is shielded to avoid a ' vendetta ' among narcos for the fatal accident of the child

The father belongs to the well-known Pantoja clan and the police have made a call to calm the family to avoid wars between clans

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Algeciras is shielded to avoid a ' vendetta ' among narcos for the fatal accident of the child

The accidental collision that coils life of a small one on beach of Getares in (Algeciras) runs risk of becoming anor frontal clash, in this case, between Narcos. Or at least that is what police, in charge of investigating event, tries to avoid at all costs with a reinforcement of security any kind of revenge among those involved in event.

More information
  • The pilot who coils minor in Algeciras has a history of drug trafficking
  • Six arrested for alleged aggression against civil guards in Algeciras

The police measure was set in motion to ensure integrity of one of detainees, Alejandro J. C. G., who was released during afternoon of Tuesday because his involvement in facts merely prevented pilot from fleeing boat. Once ruled out that accident concealed an adjustment of accounts as motivation, police work to persuade minor's family to take any reprisals. "The thing is hot and re may be vengeance," confirmed an agent in area.

The deceased was son of a member of Pantoja clan, a leading gang of narco-traffickers who often collaborate with Abdellah El Haj, known as hash Messi. In fact, minister of Interior, Juan Ignacio Zoido, acknowledged that parent had a police record. He had a history of drug trafficking, pilot of motorboat, Pedro M. B. F., although his affiliation to a particular clan is unknown because "it is not a high charge in drug trafficking", as recognized by judicial sources.

For his part, family of deceased minor issued during this afternoon a statement in which he asked media to "know how to respect" his duel. "We have right to be able to dismiss our little boy in peace. We pray if only today that we do not mix in false news, that do not handle a tragic accident and respect a far who only asks to bury with honor to his son, "y said in a note disclosed through city Council of line.

In context of this security reinforcement, in afternoon it was possible to contemplate various local and national police patrols through streets of centre of Algeciras. Meanwhile, inside city Hall was held a local security meeting, at request of Mayor José Ignacio Landaluce. It included municipal representatives, central government, Junta de Andalucía and security forces. "We have established protocols for action and collaboration since we are facing a succession of events in last few hours," said government delegate in Andalusia, Antonio Sanz, at end of meeting.

Sanz referred both to death of minor, and to attack on nine civil guards last Saturday and that already added seven detainees and five investigated, four of m linked also with a history of drug trafficking. Despite both criminal acts, delegate preferred not to give clues "to bad" about reinforcements of number of agents or strategies programmed. It did specify that, despite projected image in se last days, "Algeciras is a safe city, in fact, 3.6% of its crime rate has been reduced in last four months".

During day today re were several records in city of line, as confirmed by trade union sources in area. In se operatives, in which police and civil guards participated, re were around a hundred agents come from or points to field of Gibraltar. The presence of a police helicopter was also noted. However, since Unified Police Union (SUP) regretted that "none" of ir claims on need for personnel and media has been covered yet.


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