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Alliances in Catalonia endanger the future of We can

Discomfort with the strategy followed in the territorial crisis share it referents of the party as Carolina Bescansa

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Alliances in Catalonia endanger the future of We can

We can play your aspirations in Spain on 21-D. The concern for pacts after Catalan elections, especially with ERC, as much as it bets on a social agenda, is a fact in territories. The discomfort with strategy followed in crisis of Catalonia is shared by referents of party as Carolina Bescansa. The equidistant account summarized in motto of "Neir IUD nor 155" of Ada Colau and vetoes to citizens and PP furr complicate scenario to Pablo Iglesias. More information

  • The management of We can disallow your brand in Catalonia and its Secretary general
  • Domènech closes stage of Catalunya yes that is Pot and gives a roll to list
  • Podem will go to 21-D elections in coalition with Catalunya in Comú
Catalunya in Comú-Podem hopes that election campaign evidence seams between ERC, Junts per Catalunya and CUP and Alliance of Citizens, PSC and PP. The wager that both blocks will be dissolved and debate between left-right is risky in a Campaign that is expected to be very polarized. And it arrives after tensions for positioning of we can in Catalonia, where Iglesias has faced a crisis that ended with resignation one month ago of Secretary general of Podem, Albano Dante Fachin, and intervention of Federation. We can go to 21-D trusting his future to Commons of mayor of Barcelona, with whom re was more feeling than with responsible formal of we can.

The prospects are not promising according to surveys. "We are only political option that allows us to get out of loop where both fronts have been put." We are sure that we will get a better result than Catalunya is Pot in 2015, ' disagrees Pablo Echenique, Secretary of organization we can. The training obtained without common 11 seats and 360,000 votes (8.94%). It was fourth with same deputies as PP. The defense of right to decide as a solution to conflict is of few points coincident in different sensitivities of we can. But boom that implied implicit recognition of anticapitalists to "new Catalan Republic" is still very present. Responsible for this current explain that it was not intention. Even so, crisis was impossible to ignore, as same churches recognized in sentencing that it placed current of Miguel Urbán "politically outside of We can." It ran on October 30th and, although since n that internal derivative of can seems resolved, decisions we can make in future can abocarle to its most serious crisis since it emerged in 2014.La rapid reaction n of Teresa Rodriguez, maximum responsible Of we can in Andalusia, distancing itself from a statement that surprised many leaders of same anticapitalists, partly contained crisis. After focusing its criticism on management of crisis of President of Government and in support of PSOE and citizens to application of article 155, we can vary from discourse a few weeks ago. The questioning of Puigdemont, which was almost overlooked, hardened. In party re are those who fear that this change of record will be late and not serve to attract former voters of ERC 21-D. And that it passes bill in rest of country in first electoral round in budding, autonomic and municipal of 2019.

Bescansa Warning

He has already warned Bescansa, only reference we can — now he doesn't have an organic charge — in publicly questioning strategy of se months. Now it drives its own constitutional reform. Meanwhile, Íñigo Errejón maintains a discreet profile, focused on his aspirations to community of Madrid. It is not even clear that I participate in Catalan campaign. His priorities are or: he has closed an act in Palma de Mallorca for 16th, just when we can and Commons celebrate Central Campaign Act.

The uncertainty about immediate future of we can will solve alliance game after 21-D. The tripartite left-wing government with ERC and PSC that Iglesias has raised is not possible in present circumstances. The election of Xavier Domènech as president of Generalitat also does not seem to have options, although candidate of Catalonia in Comú-Podem in ory does not generate rejection.

In this predicament, re would be two possibilities. The one that provokes more suspicion, especially in non-peripheral autonomy, is to allow ERC to preside over Generalitat. Even if I renounce procés and opt for a pacted and guaranteed referendum. Her candidate, Marta Rovira, does not help with her statements eir.

An executive led by Miquel Iceta would be more feasible if PSC's first secretary were to distance himself from PP and obtain more votes than citizens. On or hand, Domènech said yesterday that it would not propitiate a possible investiture of leader of citizens Inés Arrimadas by not sharing "nothing" with his party.


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